Tuesday, January 09, 2018

MOVEMENT, MUSIC & MONEY by (me!) sandra, tvgp

to my experience and observations, music is always, for the most part, and quite consistently, doing all the directing; music is the boss; calling all the shots, if you will

dancing/dancers -a form of puppetry; and a very beautiful, creative, fun and entertaining, intriguing form it is!

but, put a country song on and watch people move a certain way, distinct from the way they move if they hear a rap song, or old school, Motown, vs. ballet/classical, etc.

        -the exception is movies, I suppose, if you consider..   the musicians in that case, are seeing/learning the scene first, and what mood..   and then creating music to fit..

but, world of dance, for example   -music first, often music we are familiar with, music already written, and the dancers dance to that..   how can I choreograph to fit this given song

but i'll tell you    -if I was a musician, a composer, I would study eva igo..     watch her best moves..

and then create music  -for her.     dance first, dictating the song, the music..

more like the relationship between movies and music..   where what she does,

what moves, in what order

her choreography first,   -music to fit her dance, not her dance to fit already written music


you know it is one of my great joys, to watch people respond to music..     and one of the many contributing factors to my falling in love with Robert

and we were listening together to music, while he was teaching me in the kitchen, how to prepare pierogis   -a popular meal his mom made from scratch, by the 100's, because everyone eats them by the dozen

and one of the songs we played was amazing by one eskimo    

I had introduced him to the song not too long ago, and shared how perfect it would be for a slide show of heart seens, and/or the nature of my walks themed photography

but, he responds to this song just like (me!)!             -and when it hits a certain climax..  big, full sound

/I do not have the correct vocabulary..

but,   -he was feelin' it,  and spontaneously turned around, and put both arms up, and hands outreached and started singin' along


if it weren't for his son being near the kitchen..               had we been alone..

but, I kept my manners

and all my clothes on until after dinner,  which included ribs, sauerkraut, potato/cheese, and the only premade/store bought version of pierogi's Mary Ann endorsed, and we all shared wonderful conversations about travel, and sports, and movies, and..  polish meals..

and I saved all my physical desires for later in the evening, when we were alone

and had Robert for dessert.


and it is fun to watch isn't it..  ive been observing for years, people out on the dance floor at nightclubs

and, how certain songs will hyper-animate dancers..      how everyone moves with more enthusiasm to their favorite songs  

and maybe alcohol is contributing also..  yes,

but it is just pure fun to watch what songs turn what people on

and i'll share with you, one of the songs that can extra-animate (me!)

it is time of our lives,    ne-yo, pitbull

and, it reminds me immediately of one of my visits to us bank, in downtown Pleasanton

I don't remember the exact day or time or year   -I can anchor it in, only by remembering it was when the cover charge at barones was $12   /it is now $15,  I think

but anyway,

I could not even use the atm machine, because the minimum you can take is $20.    so, I did not even have $20 in my checking,

if I am remembering correctly, I had $13                     /which is a very lucky number!

and so, I had to go inside the bank,   and went to see Cynthia..    who also enjoys music under the stars at barones..

and, I withdrew my $13,  

spent $12 on the cover charge to get in,     threw $1 in a tip jar

            -searched tables for Motown, I'm quite sure..

he has always been super awesome about having a drink already on the table,  and being ready to hit the dance floor from the get-go

and, got in my 3 or 4 hours of dancing outdoors on a beautiful night, to great live music, with those hundreds of very happy, dancing, slightly intoxicated people

and then,  -the next day, was payday..                direct deposit; pay bills, live on next to nothin' for another two weeks     /but I did live

paycheck to paycheck..    again.    and if I had to do it over  

I wouldn't spend my last $13 any other way.     what an R.O.I!

In Jesus, lived on what amount money?'s,  what budget?   name           -amen!



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