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External Memory Storage -for (me!) sandra, tvgp

yes.. my blog  -external memory storage.   -there is apparently not enough room in there..  keeps spilling:

so, yes..   I laugh at myself, at the.. paradox? irony? contradiction?   -because, I am in love; its true.  and we have been so intimate; as lovers tend to be..   and, yet

Robert:  "I might just pop in the bathroom while youre taking a shower, to brush my teeth.."

(me!):  "you will not.  I do not know you well enough yet.."


and good Lord, do any of my imaginary readers remember (#?) of my most  -most!- embarrassing life experiences?    how there was that one time I added more water to the toilet, to avoid having the splash echo throughout the neighborhood..   and how,

how I learned, that the water level in the toilet  -is at the level that it is, for very good reason..

because if you add more,  and are sitting, as females tend to do,  and then go to wipe...

honestly..   I am not my mother's brightest child.. just a very self-conscious one

and, there I was facing the same dilemma in Robert's room...           where he paused the TV show we were watching, so I wouldn't miss anything when I used the restroom..

but then, when he paused the TV show:    

            -dead silence-

so after a prayer, I just opened the bathroom door back up, and sat next to him, in a cold sweat, with a blushed face,  "I can't go.  it's too quiet!  it seems like it will echo to three neighbors down in each direction.."

and, that's when I learned that not only is he sexy as all get out, but he is compassionate too.   and, I just love thanking him for being sexy and compassionate.

and he seems to like the way I express my gratitude.


revisit:  kernel of truth.  how excited I was, when I realized..   it does not mean  -small.   which is how most people employ it in conversation..  as meaning a small amount of truth within a larger communication

but what it really speaks to is this:   truth,  -is like a popcorn kernel in a microwave   -it pops out under pressure.

interrogators are well aware; so are parents...


what you see is what you get   -revelation here for me also..  because most people employ this in conversation as a way of saying,  -this person has nothing to hide; no agendas; no manipulative persona to mask.. no fa├žade   -what you see (the good, the flaws) is what you get.

but,  -what this can also mean!  has to do with understanding the law of attraction:   what you see

in a person  (what you choose to see, when we know everyone has flaws, strengths and weaknesses)

is what you get.  

so, if you see the flaws; the flaws will be magnified; if you see the strengths; their strengths will be magnified.           -what YOU see.. is what YOU will get


rape on college campuses/by students:   my most immediate response is that we need to bring back the guillotine.  -and as ive written in length before, I will just note:

1.  the college students responsible for raping other students   -they have 'qualified' for college.  they have files..   with letters of recommendation from teachers, professors..  singing their praises.

they have academic credentials..  good grades/test scores

how does this GARGANTUAN evil and unevolved character quality get missed?   by so many people in teaching and leadership positions?   -what have we been teaching about the importance of respecting fellow human beings vs. how important it is to succeed academically?  get good grades, and 4.0's

we need to TEACH the importance of respecting fellow human beings with even more vigor, passion and emphasis than we do math and science  -and until students demonstrate this as a core competence    -no diploma; period.

I try to imagine that..   a shift in what pressure students experience..  write now, they feel pressure to make good grades, pass certain tests,   -pressure to qualify for specific colleges

what if the pressure they experienced was   -you better be able to demonstrate respect for others..   you better know all the humanitarians...   you better be able to demonstrate you are evolving in that direction...

and, currently, it is all, hush/hush..  because  -money and reputation-  for colleges are at stake, and  -who would want to send their young adult child to a college where...   and, so they are at risk of losing student populations; i.e.,  TUITION.

but making money and reputation more important than truth, safety and justice is exactly the mentality that breeds the problem in the first place; and contributes to its growth

   -show me the college that does not hush/hush the issue

  -show me the college that addresses it immediately, loudly, boldly   -holds rapists entirely accountable; publicly   -the college that punishes the crime; the criminal.. and works to make the college campus a safe place for everyone  -where truth and safety are more important than $$ and reputation..

because that IS the reputation worth risking/fighting for    -and these students are the future of the world      -each campus/population a micro-version of the world to come..

and the more we can improve the culture on each campus..

truth, safety, justice, respect for one another    /no one should graduate unless!

the better off the world will be.

                          /should we send rapists to jail.. or back to a type of mandatory school where you must learn what apparently you did not...


I am near the end of a gentleman in Moscow..    I positively love the writing! the story! the characters..  and as you know, I forced myself to read it slowly..

we all want to stretch out our favorite things/times/reads.. yes

and it was my plan to finish reading it on the airplane to montana..  but,

I ended up sitting next to one of the easiest and most engaging people to talk to, and we talked the entire flight!    name a subject   -food, movies, documentaries, India, God, prayer, college, family, friends, Tolstoy,    -he is a phD student at univ of Utah, if I remember correctly, and is going to contribute to making the world a better place via,  -flexible solar technology

never did get his name, but..   enfolded in my prayers for success..

and it struck me..  the last time I talked through an entire flight..  /ignoring the fact he tried the kindle trick to dissuade me

well, on that occasion I blamed the seattle coffee..   I usually respect social queues pretty quickly,


maybe, it wasn't the coffee.. maybe, it turns out, I just delight in meeting total strangers.


"Thank You!"  here to my dad and Chris.. turning me onto     -So moved by the founders story..  her dad's story..    her motivation..   and her ted talks..

would love to be a part of that team    -and when they ask what languages

I answer:  English; Secular and Christian.

   -and I am absolutely convinced..  well, whenever I hear about a book translated into (#) languages,

I think,

this is really what languages they should be translated into:  Secular, Christian, Atheist


and I hope one day, students will take me up on the challenge:   translate Robert Schuller's work.. from atheist perspective

translate Christopher Hitchens -from spiritual or Christian perspective

apply world views to interpret biographies;   -that is all any of us are doing at any given time

interpreting our lives according to...




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