Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Heart(s) Seen... by (me!) ~tops.

"I have someone to romantically love!"    -that is the best Christmas gift..

I got to spend time with, and help out my sister, my BFF.. see my niece and nephew
my brother..   spend time with both of my children, my parents, their spouses
return to alden lane..  meet cool people on my travels..   enjoy the Warriors..   -very long list of things to be grateful for..

..and a great day in S.F. with Robert's daughter..    who I was meeting for the 1st time..

having already met his son..        and he has two beautiful young adult children, inside & out; so we have this in common,   I say with a smile.

and I was gifted, from Robert (t.o.e.: sexy) a stocking, which had my term of endearment..  and inside joke stuff, and kisses..      and great cards...   romantic!   and this gorgeous necklace .. which inspired me to change my outfits three times, until I could show it off properly..

and this rock..   "you gave this rock to the write person!"    it is like, loaded with hearts..   some more pronounced than others, but ..   when I hold it, and turn it, and admire it..   from different angles, at different distances...   here a heart, there a heart..   everywhere a heart/heart     -he hand selected it from his backyard and gave it a bath...

and so, it has become my practice now, to hold it during my morning prayers.   -and this rock feels amazing in my hand; great texture!  magnificent

In Jesus..  new wine   ~new wineskins, holy happy new year, name..     amen.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

I am SO happy for you :)
Blessings & more Blessings......



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