Thursday, January 04, 2018

Wouldn't That Be Somethin' by (me!) sandra, tvgp

my guess was 4.2 magnitude..   my mom told me this morning it registered 4.4; the earthquake during last night..

oh no! earthquake:  cerebral hyperlink; must click open


and so, in one of Robert's text to me, he referred to me as  ~an answer to a prayer.

and speaking of prayers and cerebral hyperlinks, I shared with him..   well, if he would like to be an answer to my prayer

   -first he would have to know what it was;  -write.

the prerequisite knowledge required is to know I have been a student of Joyce Meyer's for I don't know how many years now.  And!  I am a student of hers for LIFE.

and, one time, during her talks, she mentioned how she was with her husband, and in conversation with another woman for a time, and then when the woman left, she said to her husband, "that woman is very pretty isn't she."

and Dave said back to her, "I don't notice other women.  You're my girl."

and my entire heart leaped!   and I must have rewound and replayed that message 60 times!

                   and, I said to Jesus..    I said,

IF     -there is ever to be another man in my life...  May he be like Dave Meyer..   please.   amen.

and, I do not know Dave Meyer personally,   and I do not have spies, or ways to record him, and  -fact check

but I have been watching these two for very many years,

and I am quite confident Dave Meyer is not just saying what he thinks his wife needs/likes to hear in the moment to appease her

and then, when he is with his golf buddies, he uses that time, to discuss which woman he would lay if he wasn't married, or wouldn't get caught..  or which flight attendant is the most doable..  or which server..

I don't think he talks about other women in an i'm-attracted-to, or sexual way in front of his wife, or behind her back.

And Dave Meyer, to my knowledge is an otherwise typical male heterosexual..

I don't think that he  -never- has these thoughts enter or cross his mind..   I just think he is a man of God

a true man of God, and he holds those thoughts captive, as the Bible teaches, and he deletes any thoughts disrespectful to his wife internally, -he doesn't entertain them, or magnify them verbally

in order to live in harmony with his internal code of honor; in harmony with God and as a way of honoring his marriage and vows

I believe he demonstrates

not just in word, but in deed,   -high respect for God, his wife, and their marriage.


now, certainly Charlie rose is springing up here..   as someone..  yet another person who says one thing, presents one persona on camera, and then, behind the  -seens..

I have no way of actually knowing Dave Meyer's behaviors/conversations off camera, and out of the presence of his wife

I only know him via television, books, brochures..

but I believe.

I need to believe.  I want to believe.   I have to believe.

I do believe.


Have I mentioned I view Christine Caine as the Harriett Tubman of my generation...


Did I not just blog about my not so great track record with money..   my Christmas shopping budget being,  -the balance left on two credit cards before I hit their limits..

May I mention here..   what I love about life!   the surprise factor!   especially when it's pleasant; a pleasant surprise..

those things you can't see coming                /or people you don't see coming!  like, I never guessed in a million years  -Robert

but, my pleasant surprise this time, is unexpected $, which will allow me, an entirely clean slate
     public "thank you!" here to my grandma Harrison,    who said so often,  "I just love, ~love."

the greatest romantic in our family.


speaking of delighting in talking to total strangers..    worth sharing, how yesterday I engaged in conversation with dennis and fred     -landscape designer, and set designer..  two true creatives

and, fred shared about being an instructor at ohlone college..   set designer, actor, producer, director, etc.

and I shared about being a play~write..   and a little about my theater debut:  Kissin' The Chocolate Blues   -and Faith Alpher..   Jessica Reaber..

and,    -maybe, maybe, maybe..

cross my fingers, braid my toes, sign of the cross three times:

"We will take the stage again!"      /only this time, with funding.. and

I twirled write then, and there, near the cash register in Ruthie's Room at Alden Lane, when Fred
said something about    -Royalties and

"did you say I might get paid!?!?        wooo hooooo!"

because in my heart of hearts..   Kissin' The Chocolate Blues deserves many stages, many audiences..

and wouldn't that be somethin'!     to not only hit the stage again, but get paid..   wow!


personal prayers here for a dear neighbor who died recently..   straight to Jesus open arms, I have no doubt.


In Jesus knows how to uncage singin' birds name...     amen!


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