Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Sandra, How Can I Find A Robert?" asks (darby!)

don't you know, I smiled so big when she asked me.   Who can blame?   And I rather wish and pray, every woman can and will find their very own Robert

because this one:

he's taken!

and I can hardly believe it myself..   let's review:  Christian. Single. Devoted Father to two beautiful young adult children.  Excellent Work Ethic/Noble Service;  Great Dancer, Phenomenal Cook, Animated and very fun sports fan, Gift of Hospitality, Wonderful circle of Friends..  Romantic, thoughtful..

who wouldn't want a Robert.

and let me tell you..   the first time I saw him with his shirt off..   I prayed immediately!

"Jesus!  I'm so confused..   so confused..

            put no confidence in outward appearances..
              put no confidence in outward appearances..."

and I looked..    and, was like..    WOW! what a heart this man has..

and then, I asked Jesus to turn up the heat..    because, "boy.. it is pretty hot out isn't it..."  I said with a smile..

"definitely too hot for you to put that shirt back on..."

and, so..

I have no idea really, save only Jesus  -God's favor clearly! that I should be so blessed, so lucky

    -show up at work with a week's worth of delicious lunches he has prepared for me.
                      getting to say goodbye to peanut butter sandwiches  

and then,

dance together on Saturday nights at the best clubs..

and wake-up sunday mornings in those, tan, sculpted, gorgeous, strong arms..

                       I will put no confidence...   but I will put my body write about here..

"clearly, I am in receipt, of not only God's favor, but some kind of bonus package.."

                    whatever I have done Jesus to deserve..  please help me keep doing it..

I was single for a good long time and not even looking!   once you achieve the level of peace, joy, happiness..     once you have worked quite hard for it; accidentally jeopardized it entering into relationships with the wrong one   /or two, or fifteen,

you start to protect it with a great deal more consciousness.

but in my prayers, I stayed open.    "if  - you-  want a man in my life, Jesus..

well, you are going to have to practically place him in my lap, because I do not trust myself looking.."

and then quite a sequence of events, quite a number of planets had to align:

     -he had to have recently ended a relationship,  -which created an incentive to go out dancing..
     -he had to go dancing,  -specifically at barones in Pleasanton
     -on a night I was there (chances high)    -but! on a night I went to the bar after dancing ended (chances: very, very low.. as I have only done that 1 time; and only because mary re was there and guided..)

and so, blessed mary, we call her..

and then..   other planets..   my sister's surgery date rescheduled, which resulted in us having four very romantic sundays together before I would leave for three weeks..  


there's more.   but, trust (me!)           -I am very grateful, very happy, very much in love.


Robert says:   he planned on just dating and not getting involved with any one woman..  and, that he thought all women he would be dating would be pretty much about the same..

no one special; no one different..

and that, but then I came along, and changed his mind.  

              /and now, we all know, caution tape should be placed around men's mouths; -write

because they figure out pretty early how to say all the things you want to hear..


I argued with my ego, and my heart..  

who doesn't want to hear they are special, different from all the rest..  ego is an easy target..

but there was something about how it felt when he held my hand

and how he looked at me

and how each meal tasted

and how he confused me when his shirt was off

and how he danced

and how he kissed

how comfortable I was made to feel..

how he told me I was at the top..    knocked everyone else off the ladder..   and gifted me with the term of endearment, and!  even had a stocking in his house he created with "tops" on it

I can't even describe it as a slow surrender..

because pretty quickly I moved away from doubt, and went write into, "Thank You Jesus!"

and "There is a God!"   and, "Honey, I am being highly favored!"


and now here is the thing   -for anyone, like darby, who wants to meet their own Robert

1. I had absolutely  -no!- idea, the week before I met Robert,  -that I ever would meet Robert.  Total, utter, complete and very pleasant SURPRISE

2.  I have casually, in conversation, listened to a million, 'how they met' stories, and I have formally, written featured articles, where I learn/share/write about the same information..

it can happen a million different ways, for a million different people,  and you never know when.

but the common denominator:   an open heart.  


so, we each had an open heart,

we each liked to dance,

and, in a love letter Robert wrote to me, in response to a love letter I had written him:

We both love Christ.
We both love life.
We both love each other.


can I hear a hallelujah &  amen!


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

I hope you can hear my HALLELUJAH & AMEN from here because I’m sure saying it for you:)


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