Thursday, January 18, 2018

A & Q for (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am less curious, but no less awed, by our physical bodies:  veins, arteries, bones, muscle..
I am enormously curious about instincts, intuition, -the heart, the mind, innate gifts and talents

having mentioned before..  myself, walking past a plant numerous times, and seeing only a plant

and another human being walking past the same plant:  "tequila!"

this list of innate instincts, gifts/talents, inclinations..  and how they are distributed among humanity
how we identify them..  how early?

and to consider:  prayer.

an innate instinct..     how intuitively; 
at such a young age..   
even without education, or exposure, in many cases

humans will pray.

and I'm curious about this too:  the logistical/anatomical distinction here:
intuition belonging to the human spiritual heart
instinct to the mind.

without looking it up just yet..
instinct   -for me,  -something inborn:  like, I experience writing as an instinct; a very strong instinct in me, but I would further say, my writing instinct is also quite specifically creative non-fiction; a documentarian/reporter of everyday life

that is my instinct.

intuition then, it is by intuition, I choose one topic over another..
intuitively, I know:  skip this, write that..

now I will look them up:

instinct:  an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.

intuition: direct perception of truth, fact, independent of any reasoning process, immediate apprehension.

the dictionary does not associate one with heart, one with mind

but the Bible does..



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