Saturday, January 13, 2018

ALL PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES including (me!) sandra, tvgp

just think so much, about charlie

and none of us, 

none of us can have opinions, make decisions, discern, judge, consider

based on information we do not have; or know

we can only, each of us   -only operate with the knowledge we have at any given time

and that knowledge can grow..

information can change

and, so..     we all make mistakes, don't we.    

I made a mistake, thinking Charlie was a better man behind the  -seens, than he actually was.

and Charlie made a few mistakes too, didn't he.

and so, 

this is why I refer to forgiveness as phD spirituality

it does not come naturally, or easily, or quickly, or innately, or instinctively

so, when you do forgive yourself, forgive others

/ and remember, forgive does not = condone

that is an accomplishment worth grand celebration.



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