Friday, December 01, 2017

Public "Thank you!" to everyone at St. JAMES .. from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Honey.. these are not empty words in a frame for good publicity.  My sister received exceptional care across the board!  From Gina B, to Karen, to Brent, to cassie, Dr Russo, to larry, to pam, to Jenny, to val.. and I'm leaving some names out, from lack of memory but not lack of appreciation..

You know I worked in clinics and a hospital in my 20's..

I've been a patient..   I've visited loved ones, friends/family in these settings..

I am, in fact, comparing.. . My sister was at all times, with each staff team member, a person first, and a patient second.   - My God, it was refreshing!

And..   I could not be more impressed or grateful.

...  the fragrance of the knowledge of God is at and in and all around st. James..

In Jesus must be smiling's name..      amen!


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