Thursday, November 23, 2017

why they're called hot topics as shared by (me!), sandra, tvgp

politics & religion:

politics:  I will start with how are longer conversation ended; it ended (something) like this:

(me!):   "yes.. well, even though...   I will still sleep with you."

Robert:   "I know."

/and now I know..   or at least..  I have new and different reasons for why they call it a hot topic.

      -because things sure did heat up after that talk...


and now..   I talked about reading the audacity of hope.. and how much I respected...   and how the Obama he described to me, was not at all the same Obama I came to know and love..

and I told him about...   watching that man on tv...  many years ago...    how ugly!  how he took such pride in screwing someone over financially.. but couldn't stop there..  had to also make sure he publically humiliated the person he took so much pleasure in screwing over...   and how..   -that is not anyone I want representing me, or my country..   and it turns out that ugly man I witnessed on tv many years ago..  is  -trump.   and to my current eyes, ears, he has not evolved an ounce...

and robert told me, about how -early in the aftermath of 9/11.. bush administration,   our law enforcement and first responders were appreciated, respected..     and then during Obama's administration, there was (remains) a huge shift, and law enforcement, police specifically..  were vilified, disempowered, demonized..

and i'll tell you this..   I cannot argue that point..   it has been a quite tangible shift..   and, I will summarize by saying

it is a repetitive, ongoing, and horrific, counterproductive problem, across many, many, organizations, from law enforcement, to the Olympics, to coaching, to churches, to our military, to   -name the industry

   -that we continue to project on to the whole, the corruption/abuse/evil of the few...

   -that we marginalize, that we all together ignore the great work, devotion, sacrifice, effort of the good character, write motive masses, and spend all our attention, energy on the corrupt and evil

and I do believe the law of attraction is at work..   more visible in media than any other platform.    

evil cannot be ignored; obviously..

but, if I may generically, ballpark:

in a given industry:   15% corruption; 85% noble service

mass media tends to give 99% attention to the 15%, and .05 to the noble.

        one side note:  having just watched,  -one of us..    

do we not still understand..  domestic abuse is not exclusive to a religion.. to a race...  to an age; it is found everywhere  -in the secular, in the churches, across the globe..     

these are individual character issues    -but whatever group the individual belongs to, gets blamed..

we have to extract the corrupt individuals, or corrupt teams, or groups from what are much, much, larger populations

we really need a new vocabulary to work with   -which can help solve this growing problem..


but yes,  -we are currently, on the whole..   demonizing, marginalizing, way under-appreciating, and way under respecting, and way under-valuing our law enforcement; our first and last responders

our heroes & sheroes.

and we need to turn this around as soon as possible    -I do not have time to detail the consequences of no noble young people wanting to join the field..

of what happens when you become unable to recruit new law enforcement employees/leaders; or become unable to keep the good ones you have

but the price is VERY HIGH    -and so, we need to identify/weed out the corrupt; yes.. of course

but we need to recognize, celebrate, appreciate, value, reward the heroes   -invest in them. 


and speaking of rewarding and heroes..

I must set out to properly thank my Robert for all the good work he has and is doing...

and return to write more on politics, religion, sex, and money later


yes.       they do make me hot; these topics...


In Jesus..   you might want to look the other way's  name..     amen!


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