Tuesday, September 06, 2016

movers & shakers -from the archives.

i was uneasy with what i was seeing..   young, young dancers looking like vegas show girls, dancing to lyrics,  that if were rated like movies, belonged in the R category.

i was like, really?!  -for a 3 year old?  5 year old?

so i set out to honor the quote:   be the change you wish to see in the world.


no costumes; no shoes; no make-up, no top 40 music.    and i collaborated with kate barton..

and these young dancers had a great time!   and i remain very proud of all of us.

-one of the things i did..   which i recommend for other teachers..

i didn't pre-determine every step; choreograph the entire dance and then teach it.  rather, i offered time for the children to dance freely to music that was playing

i observed their own natural moves/movements, and then employed and incorporated those into longer story dances.

with love,

miss sandra


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