Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Heart Seen and seen and seen! by (carla!) and (me!) sandra, tvgp

 highly cherished, my in~person coffee/conversation visits with friends..  and just yesterday when I sat with Carla outside, in front of juice & java in downtown..  she spotted a heart shape on her paper napkin..  cutest shape! and then when I went to get my phone to take a picture of it..  I happened across one myself. 

and I never tire of these! and each time I find myself thinking.. oh this is my favorite..  no, this is my favorite..  

but I do have a new favorite..  because my favorite gum is 5, and usually I rip the sticks in half and chew only one half at a time, and I just shove the waiting half in my back pocket until I spit out the first half..  /usually to eat..  

and yesterday when I emptied out my back pocket..   look what I saw!  and now, at first I thought maybe it was a tiny white heart made with intention..  confetti from a craft project I did, because I do in fact have a heart shape craft punch..  and it would not surprise me to find a tiny white paper heart punch shape in any of my pockets..  so I actually went to peel it off..    and that's when I realized it was not a paper punch..  it is exactly how the foil wrapper folded somehow as I shoved it in, and pulled it out of my back pocket..   I just look up to heaven and smile..
that is super cute! "thank you!"

and earlier in the week.. squirting mustard and ketchup for a hot-dog..  that's exactly how it squirted out..

when people send me their heart seens..  often they will preface with something like,  "i know it looks like I did this on purpose.. but I didn't!"    and I just say,  "i know!"    "i get it!"    

it really happens just like this..   I see it all the time..   and its just plain fun.


"thank you!" Carla for the great visit.. and the books!! for my sister & I..
I'm always elevated by these beautiful casual conversations,  -catching up on life, kids, challenges/rewards of daily life..   memoires/milestones; hopes and dreams.. 


and I realized,  that when I made the wine bottle with where the wild things are pages, -and I spent that quiet time creating and remembering my aunt tina..     it was different, of very course, because she has already left this earth..  but it was the same in that..   I felt elevated afterward, having spent time with her; memory

so elevated in fact, that Ive decided to do the same, as time/energy allows with my other loved ones who have already departed..

so, i'll be doing a wine bottle with sunflowers next to spend some time with my aunt Susie..   my aunt tina's sister...    both my dad's sisters.   -and there is a list of deceased loved ones on each side of my family tree..  so ..   lots of art and visits ahead..

In Jesus elevating spiritual name,   ~amen!


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