Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Had our visit been longer.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Kate Barton. My Cofounder/cocreator/coteacher of Movers & Shakers -a creative storytelling dance class for children, we designed and taught out of Pam's dance studio in Pleasanton...

How long ago?  15 years or so..    Great memories!  and my daughter was a mover & shaker..  and both of Kate's daughters: movers & shakers.   But the Barton family would end up moving out of state, and our direct communication would subside over the years with only occasional calls, Christmas cards,  -that sort of thing; but the bond is beautiful and life-long..

easily we can pick write back up from wherever we last left off, with no regard for how much time has passed,  with just a simple "hello!"


I laugh now to look back at her initial text..  Not Kate, but her daughter Hannah:   I found myself alone in San Francisco

And then she was coming to pleasanton -was I available to get together and catch up.

Alone in San Francisco.

Based on my own life as a young adult.. My teen to .... /won't admit.
I projected a variety of scenarios onto that text.. Alone?!?  Did she run away? Does her mother know she's here? Did some punk break her heart? Has she lost her way in the world?   

None of it even remotely close.  In fact very Far removed from the truth:  this beautiful, confident, intelligent,valedictorian, world-traveling, young college woman was simply on a business trip with her dad, and her dad had to leave early..

She is the daughter my parents deserved but didn't get, -I say with a smile.

Anyway..  What a blessing! of the best kind.. Her spontaneous visit here..  and we got together with my daughter..  the two not seeing each other since they were 4 or 5 years old.. and had a wonderful visit.

and over the course of just a one night stay.. she informed and introduced me to and

and this is all of great layperson-level interest to me.. DNA, gene sequencing..   the progress; the possibilities..

and I told Hannah, I don't think they can do it yet.. But I am certain, for example, that I was  -literally-  /smile.  -born a writer.   And even more certain that I was born, quite specifically a non-fiction writer

-not a novelist.  

And she just laughed in a kindhearted way..  like, medical/physical/biological,  -yes..   But..  Too many environmental factors for something like... Being a writer..

But I know I'm write.   I just don't know what/how ...what test would reveal this truth..  the way you can use blood or urine or spit to determine other factors..

and I enjoyed learning about

She mentioned it is said, -common knowledge, that tony Robbins was once involved with landmark and may have borrowed what he learned when launching his own career..

Dear Hannah.. Type tony Robbins in the search bar of this blog.


I'm so proud of you honey! So grateful for your visit.. To see you in person.. To know about your travels to other parts of the world.. The teaching, coaching, inspiring and contributions you are making..


and, I just feel compelled, based on our conversation, to summarize here on a topic I have already written about in great length

I just want to point out again some things about love and about God for you:   explain in more detail what that means exactly, when I say God is Love.  They are one in the same..

- point to love on a map. where is it?

it was here before you were born. it will remain long after your physical death.

it cannot be purchased.   if you love your family very much, every day, all the time..

this does not mean that another family, somewhere else, cannot love as much..    It is not a limited resource or commodity.  It is infinite.

it does mature and grow and deepen; it can spread...

it travels at its own speed.. In any and every direction; but It is also everywhere at once and answers only to its own laws, not physical laws

it is spiritual.

it is not outside of you.. Not something you visit, pick up, leave behind, divide in half..

the experience of loving and being loved takes place inside you; you recognize and interpret it..   You cannot pull it out and hand it over to another

But you can share it..   And watch it multiply.. And give others the opportunity to experience it inside themselves too..

Love is a knowing.  Love is a truth.  Love is limitless. Love is eternal. Love heals. Love Conquers.  And this applies to all of humanity for all of time..

Love is omnipresent..

Love is God. God is Love.

..and God so loved this world...


but I fell asleep before I got a chance to explain...


look forward to crossing paths with you again at some unknown time..   I love you sweetie!   Carry on with your great work and contributions! Xoxo the world needs you!


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Doug Barton said...

Sweet! Glad I caused this opening. Oh how I missed my time with my kiddo in San Fran but duty called me to Flagstaff, worked all night, then "raced" thru the Navajo Nation and Monument Valley in support of an ultra cyclist crossing the USA.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger SHE said...

Doug! Wonderful to hear from you.. and yes, I'm most grateful you caused this opening too! Loved my visit with Hannah, and of course, she told me about your ironmans, marathons, the bike across.. miles, and miles, and miles.. and many states.. "Congratulations!" -That's awesome. And.. what a beautiful family, The Bartons.. you say hi next time youre in the area.. Blessings! ~sandra


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