Sunday, June 12, 2016

Destination Alden Lane. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

K. so i needed to quickly pick up some extra hours -somewhere, to keep gas in my jeep, and my jeep in the driveway; to keep food on the table, and in my stomach, -that sort of trivial thing..

i followed the same pattern that landed me at ricks picks, which as you know, is my..

was my.. is my now second favorite place ive ever worked..  as now i co-work at my favorite, and second favorite place of what I hope is temporary employment.

the pattern:  pleasanton library.

the reason I head straight to is because I know in advance I'm about as cut out for a commute as a 1 legged turtle../terrible analogy, but for the sake of time:

-I have zero desire to commute.  And now i realize no one -desires- to commute. What i mean is zero ability.  I am not qualified. I only want/  -can work locally and is geographically restricted to ...  The trivalley

So I clicked on, who's hiring now

and did a quick scan...   scan...   scan

And when I saw

"Alden Lane!".  i pretty much did not care if the job was sweeping the parking lot, or de-thorning rose bushes, or weeding...  but i did have some concern it might be a position like  -accounting, which..

-and so when I clicked on " Alden lane!"   and saw one of the positions they were hiring for was..

I immediately created a skeleton resume on the library's office writer program, printed it out write then and there..  

then thought to also print out my recent tulip photos/poem...  /in place of the dreaded cover letter..    -drove directly to Alden lane..

walked straight into the gift store, and "please tell me you are still looking for a cashier.. Do you still need a cashier?"

and when they said yes.. "I would LOVE to be your cashier!"  -and I handed over my resume and tulip photos/poem..

now, Jacquie happened to be there.. glanced at the poem, said "this is good" -and said, "hold it up".  -and took a picture..

-and if you do not already know.. she is the owner, and like a living, breathing, encyclopedia of knowledge regarding all things plants, soil, flowers, trees, vegetables..  anything/everything that in your garden grows..

i know because I used to follow and watch her program on TV30.. despite the fact I have no garden, do no gardening..   -but just to see and listen and learn..   her love and passion very evident..

I no longer get the channel where I rent a room now, but! Turns out it can be seen online... 

Anyway.. Per trivalleyjobs, I was to ask for cyndee or Alex..  So, as Alex was present at the time, I met him, shook his hand, and we chit-chatted briefly, and agreed on a day/time I would come back and be interviewed..  

Skip to:  

Alex:  " I looked at your website..   very good.  and I have a question for you...   ".    He gestured with his hands in the air, and reaching up he drew like an imaginary box above his head.  He said, " you are up here.  What are you doing accepting an entry level cashier position?"

(Me!):  "thank you.   and I am an artist and a writer, but that's not paying the bills..

I am courting literary agents, and I promise! -that when my literary agent shows up and my lucrative contract..   I promise to give two weeks notice."

and God bless him, because he sent my paper work to cyndee.. and Im gonna skip a bunch of the obvious this and that's that go along with the hiring process and just bring you write to where I am:

probably the most beautiful public place in the entire tri~valley.

So, while I trust in God and Gods perfect will and perfect timing

I am part time at ricks picks, which is probably the funky~est, coolest ever-changing indoor environment I could hope for

and part time at "Alden lane!" which is the best outdoor environment I could ever hope for.   "Thank you Jesus!"

So let me make that adjustment then:  not favorite/2nd favorite; but favorite indoor environment/favorite outdoor environment.

and can't count the wonderful people I've already met over just my first four days, but.. I sure will be sharing, writing about and introducing them as time, energy allow..

"oh!   the oaks!  the oaks alone! ....  you have to see them..


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