Wednesday, June 08, 2016

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yesterday. write in the middle of my shift, my training, and my otherwise quite pre-occupied mind

Shirley gestured for me to follow her.  I was already in the habit, shadowing her specifically to learn my new responsibilities..

but this time, instead of boxes to fold, or customers to ring up, or plants to foil wrap, or gift items to price..

she had me follow her into the gift store to simply listen. just stand and listen..

to the most beautiful, melodic, immediately pleasing and very lovely music being played..

not on the radio, or Pandora via computer, not piped in through speakers in the store..

but a piano being played live! by Melissa! write in the middle of the day, and the middle of the gift store..

such an unexpected blessing and wonderful surprise!

it was whispered to me, that Melissa herself composed the piece of music she was playing, which may I confess already had me a bit teary~eyed.  not because it is melancholy in melody...  to the contrary, -because it was so beautiful..

and because of how life can be like this too:

so suddenly i am part-time employed at the Alden lane.. the majestic and transcendent Alden lane, surrounded by oak trees that sing silent gospel music through their presence alone..

and such a variety of colorful, exotic, fascinating and diverse plant, flower and tree life..

so already surrounded by beautiful life, and wonderful people..

that having this added..   a spontaneous live piano performance..

it is that combination that made me a bit teary~eyed, but when it was whispered to me that Melissa composed this piece herself..

and she composed it for her sisters upcoming wedding..

that's when I just surrendered and grabbed a tissue to catch the tears.

"Congratulations!" to your sister Melissa..  and to YOU! for the accomplishment of composing and performing such a beautiful piece of music, and for the way you touched and soothed my heart in the middle of what was just my second day..

this place feels even more magical..

and now, I close here with another confession..  

-that piano.

-that piano in the middle of the gift store.. Covered with gifts and products for sale; used as merchandising display..

if you were to read my table top piano poem

you would know I was extra happy to hear that piano being played; filling the world with music as it was designed and created to do.


and now, in a very short time, I have already met a number of truly cool, truly wonderful, very fun and interesting and entertaining people..

but I'll have to share more about them over an extended amount of restricted time.

"thank you!"  xoxox.  In Jesus has obviously blessed me by putting me in your presence name..   Amen!


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