Saturday, June 04, 2016

wondering, wandering. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

before i even get started today, i can hear his voice..  "ive read your blog..  there's some great writing there..  -you do get on some strange tangents sometimes.. i just ignore those..  there she goes again.."


So please just ignore the following:

i was watching my charlie rose.  partially checked in; listening. partially checked out; entertained by other thoughts, like

- pendulums and spectrums. extremes of human behavior.  from the utterly introverted, shy, quiet and harmless to the extremely extroverted, highly social, loud and obnoxious..   and other extremes..

the inaudible whisper to the scream that can be heard for miles...

and my mind would drift to trying to find the middle.  -the center point between the most quiet to the most loud.  like, if you drew a picture of a sound spectrum..  what volume is exactly in the middle

and the thing is, there IS an identifiable center/middle for many, many things, places, spaces, behaviors..  Identifiable ends and identifiable middle.

but infinity.   it has no center; no extremes on one side or the other...

and I'm not about to admit how long I entertained that fascinating little tidbit, which is already known by countless others, but somehow experienced as a revelation for me..   

WOW.. infinity has no center or middle..  Time ..  It has no center?  Wait.  Is time infinite?  or is there a beginning and end..?

we exist IN TIME.  IN IT.  our physical bodies have beginings and ends withIN time; but time itself..    center/middle? extremes of time?

and then 

do I have to have these thoughts?


HAVE!  very key word! KEY WORD.  !   play with that..

"What do you HAVE to think about?"

say the same question twice.  the first time using the word HAVE, like.. possessions..   what kind of things do you have (already in your mind and all around you) to think about?

and the second time, ask it, using the word HAVE.. as in mandatory; no choice; must!  "What do you HAVE TO think about?"

and play with that..   how often your mind wanders between what things you have (inventory) to think about.. and what things you HAVE (must) think about..

observe it in others..   

-Instead of the haves and have nots..   it is the haves and have to's...

and why?!?   why.. Does Have sound like hav in conversation when using the inventory/ownership definition..  but sounds like half, in conversation, when using the -must- definition?  and in the first have.. The e at the end does not make the vowel say its name..   and in the spelling of half.. Why the silent L?

Why not as it sounds in conversation...

Sometimes you just haugh to laugh...   have two lave...   Half too lalf...

Good night..   Amen.




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