Sunday, June 05, 2016

ROTTEN FRUIT! YOU WIN.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

if you have read me for any length of time, you know my entire ambition in life is to manifest the fruits of the spirit; which,  -are always worth repeating..

walk in love.  pursue peace.  exercise patience.  experience and share joy. be kind. be gentle. be good.  remain faithful.  demonstrate self control.

which up until yester-frickin'-day...  

well, dear enemy..   you win!  -because nothing can more quickly, more accurately, more succinctly

rotten the fruit I continue to labor for and bear than..

another?!? username and passfrickinword

that didn't work..  let me try..

that didn't work.. let me try..

really?!?  are you frickin kidding me..   let me try..


answer question..  

answer question...

answer question..

answer question...

go back?!?    really?!?   that didn't work..   needed to fill in...

I have to frickin' start ALL OVER..   

you cant be serious..

its mandatory..     /breathe.  deep breath.   deep breath..    talk to Jesus..

"JESUS FRICKIN' CHRIST!...    this is a giant pain in the ass!    -forgive me, forgive me..


does this ever come to an end..  I just need..   

oh my God!    how am I supposed to remember all this...  this is crazy..

FINALLY...     almost done.

almost done.   almost done....     few more questions, and I will have accomplished this mandatory thing ONLINE from the COMFORT of my own home..  in my happy giraffe pajamas..  

I DID NOT HAVE TO DRIVE TO THE LOCATION...    its all gonna be worth it...   hang in there..

I HAVE TO START OVER?!?   I missed a question..   are you frickin' kidding me..

I think it might just be easier, and more convenient to just frickin' drive over there...   this is RE-RE-RE-RE DICK YOU LUSS!!

k.  one more question..

for real.   -for real?!  are you for real...   I went through all that


and I cant do this online after all.  you don't have the info for California residence..




you required me to create a password..  username...  answer 60 unfrickin' nessecary questions..

I hope you go to hell for designing this program..

I hate you!   HATE HATE HATE


Dear Jesus..

I am not the sinner here!    go make who ever designed that program a foot stool for me like you promise..



At 6:33 PM, Blogger SHE said... if you too, would like to see me at my worst.. just make it mandatory for me to waste a bunch of time.. answer a bunch of questions, then tell me none of it mattered anyway; start over..

but I sincerely repented for my untame tongue..

and have in fact

started all over.

In Jesus most forgiving name, amen


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