Thursday, June 09, 2016

Good Neighbors Holiday Boutique Team, from the archives for (ruth haddow!)

among the many pleasant surprises at alden lane,  -during my interview by alex**

in walks..  "hey.. ruth!  what are you doing here!?  wonderful to see you...  I have one of the scarves you made in my jeep write now..  literally write now.."

as she was one of the creative/artsy/crafty women who participated in our Good Neighbors Holiday Boutiques

and when you are starting somewhere bran new...   isn't it just the best thing in the world to see a friendly familiar face..

pleasure to re-cross paths with you ruth!   who, no surprise, is teaching craft classes at alden lane

check this out:  her felt landscape class

 xoxo  Sandra

**  re: interviewing/training w/alex; tbc.    -filing under all things alden lane...


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