Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Its Literal!" Concludes (me!) sandra, tvgp

IGNORE this post, because here SHE goes again..
12 posts competing in my mind; pictures to share; people to acknowledge, introduce,..   all currently on hold (also, literal) in my mind because bubbling to the top is:

"It is literal!".  -when people say, so n so has a closed mind, or so n so has an open mind; its literal; not figurative, or analogous, or metaphorical.

/as is, the saying, 'I feel lighter now' that I shared that secret.  -because our thoughts do weigh something; literally...  Which ive blogged about before, But that is for a different time..

For now: I am most curious what specifically OPENS in the mind, when something goes from being present, but not consciously present, to..  consciously present.   the entire process! how does it actually work? 

I.e.,   -just had a spontaneous and wonderful! visit with Hannah, a former mover & shaker, now..beautiful and remarkable young adult (and picture/intro among those competing in my mind for blog posts and on hold)

-and during a much longer conversation, she mentioned 23&me.  I had no knowledge before about this..   company, I guess its called.

-to my KNOWLEDGE, no prior exposure to the company's name, no prior introduction to who they are or what they do..

So,  -felt like I was hearing that name  -23&me-   for the first time.

I asked a couple questions, and Hannah explained who they are; and what they do..

-fast forward, and I'm watching TV. /my charlie rose, of course..  then channel surfing,

and I happen across a commercial  -by 1 guess who:


-so, feels like now, I am SEEING the commercial for the first time.

the TRUTH is..   probably that commercial has played before me before..  and who knows how many times, but I never NOTICED it..

follow?    my guess is, I have in fact SEEN this commercial before, but never REALIZED I had seen it..

Only AFTER hannah's INITIAL introduction, did I suddenly become AWARE and CONSCIOUS of the fact 23&me has a commercial airing on TV.

-in fact I would further guess...  Well, if they have any t-shirts people wear, that say 23&me on them,   -several have probably crossed my visual field, without me NOTICING

if I ran across someone wearing a 23&me T-shirt tomorrow however; ...    in the words of k.t. tunstall:  "suddenly I see!"


what are the actual cerebral/physical/biological steps in this process?

unaware to aware to suddenly aware.

-closed to open to wide open.  Non existent to existent to fully acknowledged.

I won't pretend to know, but add it to my list of neuroscience fascinations..

we can at least know, without initial (*enhanced) exposure to any given thing; there can be no 'suddenly I see' experiences.

I include the word Enhanced because..  initial exposure alone does not always = NOTICING.    Example is write above.

I've walked past how much/how many without noticing this or that, until someone or something, brings it to my ATTENTION; then I notice for a first time and then i notice a lot..

so there is a kind of neutral setting in the brain apparently..

"Like an APP!".   -fair analogy?   Let's SEE:

You buy a new phone, and it comes standard with a number of default apps

One which you Do Not  even Notice because you don't need or use it and it is several finger swipes away from the default screens visual desktop.   /so it is already there, but you don't know until...

A friend mentions it and brings it to your attention.

Now, you become aware it exists..  and even find it.. 

But it is technically CLOSED, even though you can SEE it.. Until you actually OPEN it..

and then OPEN, but still you can USE or not USE it..

" yes!". I think there is something in common here..  With the phone and apps..  And our own brains and the steps/process involved in becoming consciously aware of a given thing, idea or person, etc.

Obviously I do not have it figured out, I only know..

-how Hannah and I also discussed RE-CONNECTING with friends after many years have passed..  /which she did while she was here.

and the 2nd most important thing about that is:

you cannot RE-connect, without an INITIAL connection..

so, INITIAL connections become a vital curiosity..

but the most important thing about that is:

How very wonderful and blessed and beautiful it is to have a FRIEND to reconnect with!

what a truly pleasant, and all too short surprise to see you Hannah! I am so proud of the young woman you have become, and so grateful for the positive and significant contributions i know you will make in this world..  

more later.. Love you sweetie.   "Thank you Jesus!" Hallelujah! Amen!


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