Thursday, June 16, 2016

Traveling Motivations -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i wanted here to springboard off a passage i read in the art of hearing heartbeats. I will take it out of context and paraphrase in order to jump.  essentially the character was saying:  -you do not need to travel.. the range of human emotion can be experienced within this very village.

-which is a truth.  human emotions are spiritual laws, which I've already explained are separate from religion because spiritual laws apply to all of humanity while religious laws apply only to those in a given religion..  I.e.

Love & suffering = spiritual laws
belief of Jesus as son of God = religion

but the point I'm out to make this morning is why I would want to travel.  

it would be for 2 primary reasons.  the first, -to see more of the earth, the landscapes, etc. with my own two eyes vs. books, other peoples albums, TV..

the second, would be so that I could better learn and understand human truths, from human constructs,

I.e.,   /starting very simple here:

beauty is a truth AND a variable.  -there are certain landscapes that humans innately find beautiful; no matter who sees it.. Like, all of humanity finds this given spot beautiful

but when it comes to beautiful women, let's say..   every culture has them (spiritual law) but the criteria changes not only by culture, but by time period within given cultures (human construct).

the diversity of cultures has to be the number one quickest path, that yields the most lessons that can and should be learned..

-every culture has celebrations. (truth)
what, when, why, where and how they celebrate (construct/variable).

-every culture has dancers and singers (truth)
what, how, when, what % of population, etc (constructs & variables).

so, plug in at will the

Every culture has _________   (weddings?) traditions
Then name the variables..

the really interesting thing to me also, in regard to emotions; internal experiences..  is how the range is common, but the triggers are a variable..

what makes one person feel pride or shame in one culture can be entirely different from another.  So the experience of pride or shame is common, but not what creates/generates the feeling itself.

how could we know much about anything, anyone, ourselves and others without the diversity of cultures..  what a teaching ground! the world is... humanity...

in Jesus has the whole world in his hands name! Amen!


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