Saturday, June 25, 2016

2 of 10000000 upcoming photographs of alden lane, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

 "yes..  step inside my new office" I say with a big smile

 -can you stand it?!

I am overwhelmed by the remarkable people and plants, flowers and trees I'm inspired to introduce to you..

personal introductions will come later, but for now, on the whole I must say

if you watch too much of the news you would falsely arrive at the conclusion that our world is doomed

but if you spend even just one day at alden lane, and work side-by-side with the high-school, college age, young adults I have encountered

you would correctly know, that our world is in great hands

hearts and minds.

I'm more optimistic and confident than ever.  and now, the flowers/plants/trees, etc.  

ive started I don't know how many ice-breaker one-way conversations with them..  I cup a flower in my hand, "i know you by face, but not by name...   what is your name?"

and to the succulents.. "oh my! you are darling! and.. so photogenic!  may I take your picture?  I need to show you off.."

.. so, true, the work is..  the training..   well, the first two weeks I came home and fell flat on my bed and went to sleep, but I'm catching on..

 hallelujah!  xoxo


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