Friday, May 27, 2016

The Happy Room by... (Jill vellinger!)

-this is one of the best discoveries for me of 2016..

i had absolutely NO IDEA the room I've been renting from my sister for who keeps track of how many years..

the room, which was, prior to my needing/renting it, was my nieces room..

the room which I've always described as the happy room..

with its beautiful bright blue sky color painted walls above a colorful flower wall paper border, which is above a bright green base..   with let your light shine.. Painted over the window..  and a tree created/painted and attached to the wall itself..    -with a swing here, and a kite there..

well, all this time I've enjoyed it..  I never knew WHO designed it several, many years ago..  11?

and very recently, when my sister and Jill crossed paths in downtown pleasanton and then happened in at ricks picks at the same time..   my sister said, "that's who painted Sarah's room.."

and I was like.. "Jill Vellinger?!?..   I know and love her..."

and I don't think my sister realized, Jill is the same person who organized/created The Big Draw events in downtown, and! Is an interior designer recommended/affiliated with ricks picks..

and I just want you to know Jill...  LOVE what you did with the place..    darling and perfect for the baby my niece was at the time,

but you know what..   still wonderful for the 50 year old literary & mixed media artist auntie sandy..   in the cold and early dark of winter.. im still always surrounded by blue skies, sunbeams, and an evergreen tree!

i thought you might appreciate, as an artist and mom yourself, how..

well, when my niece was sent to her room sometimes, many years ago.. for time-outs..

in her frustration, she would peel the wallpaper border.. 

pick the flowers...

and take a look at THE HEART SEEN there!  -actually, there are SEVERAL heart shapes from her picking/pulling the wall paper..

and I wish it could stay exactly as it is write now..

forever!   I'd never touch it if it were left to (me!).   and despite being in this room for a number of years, surrounded by said torn wall paper..

it was only last year, or the year before that I noticed

The Heart Seen... "Look! Write there!...   and over there!  Oh my goodness, there's like a whole row..."

anyway..   its just beautiful Jill!   "Thank you!"


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