Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Yes. YES!" through the bedroom door. as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

.. now, i am not the type person who holds a glass up to a closed bedroom door; or peeps through cracks..  

but.  -i do admit to slowing my walk down and taking many small steps vs. my usual brisk walk by, and past.

mostly because..   well, my sister and i have built in codes about these kinds of things.  we were roommates, remember, for over 8 years before we each fell in love, got married, had children.

and then roommates again, after our divorces.  we don't even have to verbalize rules, policies or procedures..   we have by this time established entirely telepathic common courtesy practices; mutually established and agreed upon.

so, the ONLY reason i slowed my walk, was because,

well, I heard her say "Yes.". rather loudly..  through a small opening in her bedroom door.

and to my knowledge; she was alone.    and, sure we both do talk to ourselves/sometimes, but it was somehow distinct from that..

" YES!".   -she said it louder this time..


my mind calculated that her kids were both out of the house with family.. 

And, well...   maybe I was so quiet..  and my work schedule so non-predictable

Maybe she forgot I was even in the house.

"No.".  I heard her say.   -twice.  "No" and then "NO" again.

I smiled to myself.   We've all been there, haven't we..   -if only a little to the left, or write...  if only up over there, and not down..

so elusive sometimes..

"YES!".  I heard her say..   and I felt happy for both of them.  -ah,  he found it...    good job!

and then as i continued on my way to the kitchen, I heard her say


and have been laughing ever since.  


... someone found a way to make cell phone bill paying exciting didn't they... 


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