Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Cheers!" .. from

public "thank you!" to sue regnier!  very beloved and long time family friend.. 

for spoiling me with her delightful company and a belated happy 50th birthday lunch.

in one word:   spectacular.

she introduced me to my first /but definitley not my last!
lemon drop martini... 

and when i order one again, at a different time and place.. she explained i should not probably hold it to this perfect standard.  So!

my first lemon drop martini happen to taste the best they are capable of tasting!  

and we shared a...  some beautiful in presentation, and perfect in texture/temperature/flavor ratio: crab/avacado appetiser..

-devoured it.

and she had her very first lamb burger...   which she loved; save only that next time she would order it med/rare vs. med...

i thoroughly enjoyed my fettucini/smoked salmon...

but honey, we did not stop there.  

we each boxed half of our main meals to save room for...

chocolate molten cake!   and coffee...

sat next to the window, -of course..   took in the fantastic and inspiring view of the residential architecture..   each home so unique in character and design from its neighbor..

-polar opposite of the track/uniform housing where i currently rent a room..

and, quite wonderful, the art inside the restaurant itself..  several large canvases of trees/forest scenes..  

great visit too..  catching up on life..  mutual friends/family.. milestones of weddings/careers/set backs and victories..

"I love & Thank you!" so much for this great time! at this great place..

I have officially decided to have more birthdays...  more often..

in fact,  august 13th.. is my 50 1/2...    

In Jesus loves fellowship, breaking bread and lemon drop martinis name...  amen!


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