Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tulip. photography & a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i lie to rest here

the idea, that tulips,

are in bloom

when they stand straight up

in straight lines

all in a row and very uniform; save color.

it is a beautiful sight no doubt.  miracles on a stem, each and every

but the tulip is not truly in bloom

until it begins to take

its very own shape.

learn its own dance.

until it moves in space to its own music,

gravity and destiny.

until it sheds the unnecessary.

and reaches up, and out, and down

and in every direction

with gratitude for its being


the tulip

is most beautiful

not write after it breaks through the soil

but because it broke through;

not as it opens

but because it opens

not when looking all alike

 the tulip

is most beautiful

when it looks only like itself

in the company

of liked others.

each becoming and fulfilling a living, breathing, colorful sculpture of nature and times design

 what shape will each tulip take?

you cannot know.



and understand

that you,

you uniform human; save color

you are a tulip


 on your way


becoming someone





colorful and kind.
    if you let it.

it happens on its own.

quite naturally.

every little tulip already knows how to bloom.



At 11:27 AM, Blogger said...

Oh Sandra, I will forever be changed observing the blooming life cycle of a tulip. You are right we all reach our own individual self one way or another.

My Favorite verse in your poem The Tulip is; "The Tulip the most beautiful when it looks only like itself in the company of liked others."

I love the picture showing the end of the tulips cycle in all it's glory, no longer uniformed, stretching ,reaching and fading.

Thanks for sharing



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