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she's been there. she's done that. SHE still has the T-shirt!


without reading any of my prior posts ive written on the topic of tony robbins, I will here just bullet point:   the thing to keep in mind, is that I am 50..   and that is my view; my window.  I'm rather curious what my thoughts were 3 days after the event itself..   vs now.  but now:

* I only went because someone else couldn't go and gave me their ticket(s).   -I cannot remember if I went with someone..  who

* I would have never been able to AFFORD a ticket myself

* mine was like, the only clunky car in the parking lot.   it was obvious money was not an issue for the participants..   -from my perspective.  perhaps from their own, they were drowning in debt, or not and were just after more..   not sure.

* tony robbins was, -and remains, probably one of the best public speakers ive encountered.  mesmerizing, attractive, dynamic, persuasive, engaging, animated, powerful...    people never their seats for bathroom breaks, or if they smoked..  they did not leave for cigarette breaks..   you didn't want to miss one word..

* there was great music, piped loud..   the rocky theme..   and he told personal stories, of how he went from below zero financially,  -deep debt, to..   overload.   plus found the love of his life,  -kids..  living in a castle now..

* walking over hot coals, for me, was not nearly as big a deal as it was for others..  in my mind, prior to attending, I had already seen/heard, people from age 7 to 99 had done it..    it wasn't all that rare, or not do-able..

but we marched, and chanted, and all joined together, in a sport -team pre-game get yourself excited, pumped-up kind of way..  and stood in our respective lines.  it was outside, and beautifully moon lit..  plus music..

I did it.    -I smiled.

others did it..  and they fell to the ground, screaming, crying from happiness, pacing around..   a fear so big..!  and they conquered it!   it was very dramatic..   a very, very, big deal for others..

looking back, and from that perspective only, .. I cant help but wonder if there weren't a few people paid to make things look as if they were a bigger deal than they were.  common thing for producers..


I would learn, that if you wanted to see tony again..    and who didn't really, he was an awesome and very inspiring speaker..

but the ticket prices?!   -and there were upcoming events in maui...

and so looking back, I can easily see how tony robbins has become a multi-millionare..  the tickets to his events, all the tapes, books, sold from his events and infomercials..   on and on

but it is very interesting to see his interview with Charlie rose, in the aftermath of the economic depression which hit so hard in 2008.. and forward

it is my assessment, that people like tony robbins..  and the inspiration they provide..  

that all does very well, when large populations of people have large sums of money, and remain hungry for a better life, and turn this way and that to achieve it.

and, mimicking already successful people, and already successful teams...


and so, what I witnessed, and again, I'm looking back from 50..   is temporary inspiration for the participants

and long term financial gains for tony.

and, as we live in a capitalistic society; he is to be congratulated..    -write.   and every generation will see a new version of tony robbins.  dynamic speaker/expensive tickets/promises for a better life


anyway..  that's my take.    Jennifer's plate is too full currently, but I have invited her, and she has accepted, when the window of time opens, to share her perspective and experience here on my blog too.


have I shared my personal definition of capitalism?

it is when how much money you make is more important than how you make it.


in Jesus everlasting name,   amen!


At 8:22 AM, Blogger SHE said...

see here. my blog! my external memory storage.. because I just typed tony robbins name in the search bar of my own blog, and only thank you to re-seeing it, remembered that Julie koopmann.. ju ju koop! SHE saw tony too.. I'm gonna see if she'll share her experiences..

At 9:07 AM, Blogger said...

Tony Robbins created an empire bring Neuro-linguistic programming to the masses of seeking souls. This is what Wikipedia has to say about it," NLP's creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.[3][4]." Neuro-linguistic programming was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. "Bandler and Grinder also claim that NLP methodology can "model" the skills of exceptional people, allowing anyone to acquire those skills."

How I see my experience attending T.R's seminar almost 20 years ago is maybe not so thought provoking. NLP was new to me. As a psych major in college I studied many ways to look at what motivates people. Tony Robbins promised to put you in the drivers seat of your life. This was of course enticing. Tony Robbins is a giant with a bigger then life personality who knows how to deliver a punch on stage. Talk about an adrenal rush. Was my experience worth it? I would say, yes at the time it was FUN! Side note I paid only 85.00 for the day in Sacramento.

Per Wikipedia "NLP has since been largely discredited scientifically,[1] but continues to be marketed by some seminar runners and some hypnotherapists." My opinion, most people always seem to seek new experience to embrace. Maybe that is why Tony Robbins live in a mansion, married the women of his dreams and flies around LA. in a helicopter. He has capitalized on this. Ciao, Artist...


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