Saturday, May 14, 2016

just push God button. On (me!) sandra, tvgp

everyone has buttons. and i am fond of the expression, ".. So n so sure knows how to push (his or her) button.

they are short cuts to sensitive areas.  quick paths to getting someone all stirred or riled up.  the younger a person is

spiritually speaking, not chronologically speaking

the more visible buttons they have; easy to see, access and push..

in fact, you don't even have to push the button; just very lightly and barely touch.

the older/wiser/more spiritually seasoned a person is..

the less buttons they have, and,  of the ones you can find..  you must really exert extra effort to reveal any sensitive, impulsive reactions...

so, the easier a person can be provoked; the younger they are, spiritually speaking

and the harder; the older and wiser..

I self assess then at ... 

" oh! You don't even know what you are talking about! come on! -that is like the stupidest thing I've ever seen!  -some guy flipping a coin, chicken scratch on a paper and comparing it to miracles!

-come on people...   you can't be that stupid..."



my son set me up this time.. had me watch Morgan freeman and ..  Title? The story of God. (?)

I have seen several episodes of through the wormhole.. but this was new to me.  gotta love that Morgan freeman though,  -tackles God, creation, religion, science, evolution from every angle..

/and I have to notice in which direction he ultimately leans..

anyway. No time to rewatch. Pause. Respond. As I wish I could.  Just notes from memories of:

my own personal definition of a miracle is an event/occurrence which transcends/breaks  -on earth, natural laws.

so, you cannot have a miracle, without natural laws first existing

but!  aren't natural laws, here on earth, their manifestation, -a bit of a miracle themselves..    -because they manifested from what environment.   -see.

Oh I love this kind of thing.

so, a miracle on earth is not necessarily what a miracle in a different atmosphere would be..

where the laws change; so does what constitutes a miracle.


the other standout for me was Buddhism.  -noble spiritual practices. I am a fan & student  of detaching from material things; or at least not over chasing or worshiping or over prioritizing them..   I am a fan and student of peace of mind, healing, love.. 


and as you know; every fruit of the spirit.  -it is when they spoke of

Ending suffering.   as I see it,  -attachment to material things is one of many,  -not the exclusive, way we self-inflict suffering..

evil, insecurities, loss of love (love is not material..) fear is not material...  Psychological, biological, emotional, physical suffering..

but the upshot for me: while we aim to end what suffering we can, restricted by our mortal, human limitations:

cures for cancers; addictions; violence..  on and on..

where there is life; so is there suffering.   and suffering can be used for the good,  -all things can be used for the good

or not.

so worth repeating two things here:  the bible passage, romans 8:28, God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

and..   I always revisit my own spiritual philosophy:

we come to earth with instructions. what we love to do, instructs us on what we are here to do. and what suffering we endure, instructs us on who we are here to help.

a very important thing to look at is, the common denominator of suffering for all of humanity.  

I have mentioned before my distinction between religion and spiritual laws. religion as rules/regulations/cultural/political/guidelines created and adhered to by its members; very human in nature.  club like..

and spiritual laws are spiritual laws because they apply to ALL of humanity, transcending religions..  despite religion..

The fruits of the spirit then are spiritual laws, while Christianity, Judaism, Muslim.  -are religions.

So, love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control are spiritual laws

and so is suffering.

In Jesus trustworthy name..   amen!

P.s.   if random events start to occur with ANY predictability whatsoever; they cease to be random.   The word is over and misused with great frequency.  -self included.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger SHE said...

and many random events are actually part of patterns our human lives are too short to observe.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger SHE said...

so from my way of understanding/tbinking: now that I've had a bag of doritos and chance to calm down..

the man flipping the coins/demonstrating probability, and streaks, etc. was making the association that we should not be surprised by miracles, -based on the number of humans.. and -possibilities- for rare events.. we should not be so surprised to encounter rare events..

but miracles have nothing to do with frequency or lack thereof, or probability or streaks.. miracles break natural laws. it is less about how often.. And much more about how at all...

If someone wanted to research/keep data/track, frequency of when/where miracles occur around the globe...

You would not see the same patterns of probability you do when flipping coins. -for a long list of reasons, but the first being, humanity is not a two-sided coin and the second being miracles are not about quantity or frequency or rarity, they are about transcending laws which are not man-made to begin with.. natural laws were discovered; not invented.

but I will close here by saying that the man flipping the coin is write. we should not be as surprised as we sometimes are by rare events... lucky breaks.. amazing against the odds successes and victories.. -but we should always be grateful.

-probability is not synonymous with mysteries or miracles. in Jesus higher than our ways name. Amen!


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