Wednesday, May 11, 2016

the last thing i remember stealing by (me!) sandra, tvgp

type the title of this post in the search bar of this blog.  and let's talk about sex...     trigger this time, (AKA: cerebral hyperlink) was a conversation with my daughter about love and sex

/and when you read it, you will see a very similar trigger/CH inspired the last reposting also.

I am quite predictable. 

and let me just..  well,  I am hopeful when I even hear those two words at least used in the same sentence; together.  LOVE "and!" sex..      /they just don't seem, in this day and age, to hang out together the way they used to..   know what I mean.


and if I may alter, ever slightly, the lyrics..  to Justin timberlake's song..    just the chorus, really.


I just re-read the lyrics.  gonna have to change them all it turns out..

but I love the beat..

"I'm bringin' sacred back...   yeah!...     you ready?  you ready?...


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