Tuesday, May 10, 2016

..the spiritual toxophilite... and authentic WARRIOR FAN.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

for how long? to what extent? will i marinate in the warriors stunning, history-making, awe-inspiring victory that took place last night..

from the perspective of any/all spiritual toxophilites..

the arrow must first be pulled back..

so, an injury let's say...

and not barely pulled back, but incrementally further back to a point of great tension..

so, -where the stakes are high; and potential defeat is chronic..

each set-back, each obstacle, every threat and deterrent; increasing the tension

all combining to prepare the arrow for flight...

/can anyone else hear our spiritual leaders?  -see that score.. Hear that unjust call...   'This is not a set-back.  This is a SET UP!'

And this entire season; and for the entire game last night..

against great odds; in the opponents home court; despite the ejection of a player, and several unjust calls..

-when the arrow left the bow..  and took flight...  in overtime...

- of the pulled-back arrow itself; is the point!

had this not been the playoffs; had the opponent not had a 17 point lead at one point in the game; had curry not been injured/missing back to back games and just returning; had Livingston not been ejected; had the unjust calls not been made; had it not been the opponents court;

But most importantly!

-had this game not gone into overtime!!

none of us would have our minds still blown and hearts still exploding with AWE...

a toast ... "To every athletic and spiritual WARRIOR on the awesome Golden State team!!".   THANK YOU!    


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