Thursday, May 12, 2016

Belong. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

*** inside our place 2006-2009ish ***

*** inside ricks picks, 2016 ***

i have had several part-time/seasonal jobs since my divorce in 2006.  and if you asked me, during the past decade, about my employment, i would answer

"i work at amelia's deli", or "i work at creative imaging photography studio", or "i work at ruby hill winery"  or, "i work at courtyard Marriott"     -etc.

but there was a very distinct internal sensation that separated ricks picks from the others; then, 3 years ago when i started; and still today.   when asked, "how do you like working at...

i said, "i belong here."    -this was not thought through in any way, it was as if a dormant truth escaped into the atmosphere and introduced itself to me on a conscious level.

ive had no prior experience of "belonging" where i worked, to my recollection.  -this was a first.


i  experienced a very similar sensation while pouring wine at tenuta winery recently.  and so my own curiosity is peaked..     i belong here.  i can feel it..


and i'll skip here the longer post i was considering, and just say..   as far as spiritual gifts are concerned, i do consider one of my spiritual gifts 

patience and understanding and being able to delight myself in the service of slightly intoxicated happy people.  they are so funny!  and there is the caveat that said intoxicated people have designated drivers; because i have zero tolerance for drunk drivers,


to see people transcend sobriety; to witness it, while I'm perfectly sober myself

~ very entertaining.   and i know better, of course, than to take it personal.  i know the exact same words would be uttered, slurred, to anyone holding and pouring a bottle of wine.  but still, i do enjoy it when they go on and on about me..

"you are the best!   thank you!   can i get some more red..   i love you!"

-and do you wanna know what, you slightly intoxicated, happy, carefree, dancing people

"i love you too!"


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