Thursday, May 12, 2016

i am to blame. (me!) sandra, tvgp

it was due May 11th.
but I was not done reading it.
I bellied up to the bar, "I'm here to renew..

and she said,

"I'm afraid we can't renew this one
it's on hold for someone else"

and it must have been the way my shoulders dropped
-the way my smile vanished
-the look of,  no! no! no..

because, then she, with a wink and smile of her own
explained my options.

1. turn it in, and put my own name on the hold list, for when the current on hold person, reads and returns it


"2!...   yes 2!i'll take option number 2"

-which is to pay .20 per day late fee, while I hurry up and read the rest of it..and then turn it in.

so, dear stranger who is waiting extra days for the art of hearing heart beats

I am to blame.

but really, its not me..   its some combination between my beloved friend Catherine who recommended it, and the author himself..

but I promise you this:

it is worth the wait.


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