Friday, May 27, 2016

"..but it did!..." as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i know; i remember..   there were these magical moments last year, at Barones music under the stars events, where i was just certain

-when you combine the perfect climate, with our favorite band, pride & joy.. Live!  and the awesome dance company of our friends, Motown & Craig.. all the people we've come to know by face and dance moves.. the staff.. the delicious drinks.. the gorgeous trees and lighting.. the happy crowds..  dancing to our favorite songs..

i was just certain,  it doesn't get better than this

But I was wrong; because it got EVEN BETTER than all that at last nights opening..

take everything i just mentioned and add on:

add write on to the dance floor/stage itself BIG SCREENS which allowed us live-music-dance-starved, slash, authentic WARRIOR FANS to

-get this..

WATCH the game WHILE we DANCED!  and, all by itself, that is pretty awesome, because

ive been watching these games at home, with my sister on the couch, and me in a recliner in my pajamas..

so to be all dressed up, outside, with friends and a much larger crowd,  -dancing..  "..yes, its ladies night..oh what a night..what a night!"

and all cheering TOGETHER..  

well, i think it might just be the very reason "THEY WON!"

-and add on further.. our newest friend, sheila, who we met at main street brewery, and who loves live music, the bands, and dancing..

-dare i say, even more than I do! Sheila is another one of those fantastic people who will dance from the strum of the first song, to its past closing time,  -no alcohol or partner required, but nor turned down..     -easy to spot her even in the tremendous crowd.. because her favorite spot is write in front of the band..  


and now im equally certain.. it does not get better than that!


/which feels to me now, partially and practically, a way for God to say..   'oh yeah..  wait til you experience what else I can do'


and now I half expect Russell crowe to tap me on the

...  shoulder...

and ask me to dance sometime before the season ends.

"Thank you Jesus! ... and everyone mentioned..  and BRI, for transportation/sitting..    amen!"


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