Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jealousy. as interpreted by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am quite restricted by time, to write what id like, but will get this out and on the digital/e-page:

1.  -of interest to me, that in The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word, Joyce Meyer's book..  the table of contents is alphabetized, but as we read, we can see it goes from I, to L.

skipping J.    and so, no direct passages/chapter on the topic of Jealousy.


this morning, on her Enjoying Everyday Life, program, she spoke on the topic.  in brief, she told a humorous story of being required/requested by God, to be very specific in her confession,   -not just say, sorry I have sinned.. kind of thing, but   -specific

and she confesses,  ".. I was jealous of one of my friends, I was jealous of the blessing my friend received.."


now,  -what remains a long fascination for me, is not jealousy itself, but rather, HOW WE INTERPRET/IDENTIFY/NAME that ...   internal feeling; experience.

it is very specific, isn't it.    not sad, or hurt, or ...  a myriad of other things.    -how is it that we

  -interpret, indentify and explain our  -feelings?   this feeling, of jealousy.


anyway, one quick true story on the topic, and how I will forever give myself the naivety award, because,

the memory this triggers, is when,  -during my Mag Time Frame days, when I was introducing my product to a panel of people in the industry

prior to attending the meeting, someone said to me,  "now.. you have to know that they are going to be jealous that they did not come up with this idea themselves.."

and true, true, true:   until that was said, directly to me, out loud   -I had not once even considered it.

I really, truly, thought, everyone would be happy, because I had created a product that would help sell millions of embellishments/supplies/tools, etc.   that were otherwise only restricted to scrapbooks.  I had created a new platform/foundation..   it was a win/win!

... but..    to say the industry, people thereof, were   -happy.  well, this certainly did not turn out to be the case.    too bad, really..

but go to school on me..     see, what I learned for you...


if Joyce were to add, a chapter on Jealousy..   I'm going to invest some time, in the near future, guessing which passages out of the bible she would guide us to

to help us overcome/tackle, rise above, this very specific and non-productive  feeling..

perhaps, its all under the topic of INSECURITY,  page 30:


in the dictionary:  jealous = resentment toward someone.     -again, how is it that we interpret resentment  -what synapses to what to = that feeling?   once we have the feeling/how is it, we interpret/identify?

it certainly seems to me, we need the basic foundation of this information before we can overcome it.

   -hold every thought captive!   examine it..     check it for truth...


now, I live/work in environments where I am literally surrounded by people who are materially/physically/financially blessed in ways I am not; and yet I have no resentments

very little, jealousy

and I credit entirely my spiritual walk.  my volunteer/free will surrender of my will to God.  and I have locked in my heart and mind, that if God wants me to have this or that; I will.  and if God does not; I wont..   and I fully trust God, so..  

and the same, I project that on to others...     -and its all so we can learn..

I will close with this:   I sure wish I could sing!   I say it all the time...   if I could sing...   there would be no shutting me up.  id be out singin' on a street corner somewhere write now!    -but I don't feel

it is not my interpretation that I feel jealous of people who can sing..    I admire it!  I think..   oh! how lucky that God blessed you that way!   and I listen; listen; listen..  love to listen to people who can sing

and the whole   -or at least, one of the big reasons I write like I do.   

is because I cant sing.       blessing in disguise...   keep your eyes and ears out, keep your mind and heart open,  - for these kinds of things..

In Jesus truthful name,   amen!


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