Friday, January 15, 2016

The Black Marker on my skin trick. by (me!) sandra, tvgp


I do not sew.  or mend.   I hire professionals.  I cannot currently afford professionals and so..

I have the cutest! Black knit sweater from Kohls..  one of the nicer tops I ever wear to work and it makes me appear a little more put together, and I love the length, the fit the style.   -you can't really wear nicer things to ricks picks because its a very physical job, sometimes dirty/messy and it ruins your clothes.  -all of us have ended up with the exact same series of tiny holes at the lower stomach area of our tops/shirts from carrying boxes back and forth..    they look like little moth holes...

anyway..  the hole in my sweater was on the shoulder, so not sure of its origin, but..  the sweater is black and my skin is white, so

BLATANT.     and when I walked past one of the mirrors in our store

"Which are on SALE for 25% off..  and such a beautiful selection..  "

it distracted me.   So..  I went and got a black marker and colored all over my shoulder where the hole was...   and, "it worked."

when I finally had the cash to get it officially repaired, I mentioned it out loud to the lady at the register..   "can this be fixed?.. because I've been just coloring my skin with a marker so it doesn't show.."

-and the gentlemen behind me cracked up at that.   and he confessed he does the same thing with his socks..

" just color your big toe to match the sock!  it works doesn't it..."

and that got me to laughing..

and landed me another telephone number.


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