Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Awwww... "Thank you!" Mom... from (me!) your #1!

-and my daughter designed this card. says so on the back..   "thank you baby!". -great job

my mom has always made all three of her children feel very loved and extra special.  my older brother; her first born and only son.  my younger sister; very special ranking as 'the baby'.. last of the children she would give birth to..   and me..  in the middle..  but she always says #1 to mean 1st daughter...  

and my mom has also always made us feel extra special on our birthdays..  and even more so on milestone birthdays: 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40...   

and it turns out, my brother and I both have February bdays and we are 3 years apart so, when he turned 16, I was turning 13..  that's two milestone birthdays together, so she threw an extra big! party for the two of us together..   renting a space, hiring entertainment... catering..  you name it.

and when my brother was turning 21 I was turning 18..   two milestones in February again..   and a big birthday bash it was!! 

great memories.  -and we celebrated my brothers 50th in a big way 3 weeks ago..    /oh that was 3 years...   -see what happens..

and it is my turn this year.   and I am just so grateful because I know now, in a way I never quite knew before.. just how much love and time and effort and energy and phone calls.. and logistics..

she puts into any of her children's milestone birthday parties.

I LOVE YOU MOM!   and I'm very excited to party with my family, -because a very awesome family I do thank God I have..


in voice of Stevie wonder I sing,  "happy birthday to (me!) .. happy birthday to (me!)..  haaaaaPY biiiirrrrthday...


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