Monday, January 11, 2016

Oooohhhh. -so thats a triple double. learns (me!) sandra, tvgp

now you know my sister and i are convert sports fans beginning last year.  and we are quite devoted to our warriors, screaming and shouting and coaching and cheering from our living room..

and we have only missed seeing one game so far this season.. which does help explain how it is they are the world champions they are    -write.  notice the connection...   soon as we started watching; they started winning..

anyway..  we are still admittedly in the ) part of the learning curve when it comes to the actual rules of the game..  and correct vocabulary.

so for example..  on the occasions curry shoots..  and the very rare occasion he misses..  and there is no one under the hoop to help -assist-  it in, I've been shouting, "where is your assist?!?   Assist him!!  Assist Assist that ball.. Oh my God have mercy...  Get back under that hoop!"

K.  and I mean well..  but what my dad recently explained is that..  when, say, bogut, is near/under the hoop and magically turns an almost shot into a most definitely..   that is not an -assist-

that is called a rebound.   

assist, apparently means,  -if I understand correctly:  when the basketball gets thrown from one player to another..  and the 'another' shoots it in.

so, k..  whatever..   either way you have one player assisting the other, but I have vowed to yell "rebound!! already..  get the frickin' rebound..  don't let that opportunity go to waste..!".  Instead of " get down there and assist?!? already...  you know this!  come on...!"

my sister hasnt had as many vocabulary blunders because mostly she makes lots of dramatic sound effects and shouts "haven't you been practicing!?!  -come on!".  -and " woooo hooooo!  that's what I've been talkin' about!"

-so she is in no position really to even notice my blunders and call me out on them..  like:

sister:   "whats a triple double anyway?"

(me!):  "it must be where someone gets three two-pointers in a row."

-she believed me.  and, really i believed me too..  -makes sense doesn't it..

(me!):  "you know I'm not 100% sure what it is..  I think the sportscasters just like hearing themselves say it..   'Triple double this and triple double that..'.   


so it wasn't until I watched a game with my dad in the room.. 

and if I have it correct what it actually means is:

double digits in assists; rebounds & score.  minimum of 10 points earned in each category in a game...

-and I just wanna say for the worlds record:   " congratulations warriors!".  /and next bar I go to I'm going to order '.. make it a triple double'

-because it really is fun to say that..  and doesn't that sound delicious.

"Cheers! to authentic fanuaries....& amen!"


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