Wednesday, January 13, 2016

let me guess... (nina simone!)

so, to mix things up a bit, i added Diana Krall radio to the stores Pandora music shuffle..

those of you familiar know that this then gives you music by the specific artist and also a variety of others who fall in the same genre..

morning customer:   "i love this music..  who is it?"

(me!):  "not sure.  let me look...  i love it too....

Nina Simone...  I want some sugar in my bowl..  essentials album"


afternoon customer:   "great music..  who is this..?"

(me!):   "you know I'm not sure..  I love it too.. let me go look..

Nina Simone...     she's putting a spell on us..."


evening customer:   "who sings this song?   I love this song"

(me!):  "I love this song too!  -sing along all the time and have no idea who it is.. 

but I might have a good guess now...


At 11:26 AM, Blogger SHE said...

"...da..tada.. tada...

dadada da, tada, tada... and I'm feelin' good..."


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