Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sweetest thing. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, in order to appreciate this sweet, sweet moment you need to know two things:

1.  the content/context of a fairly recent post where i explain that living with (me!) is more like having a pet than a wife.   -like, im not necessarily going to contribute to the household income, cook, or clean..  or do any of those traditional domestic things..

but, just like a pet, i still want to be loved, talked real sweet to, provided toys, gifts, long walks, baths, and things like that; every day..

2. you need a solid reference/familiarity with how when young children tell their parent(s) how much they want a puppy..   they always go into this routine, "... and i promise to love it and feed it and walk it..  and clean up after...".     -and there may be some minor truth.. some level of good intention tucked inside each promise, but there are several deeper layers of..     naivete; a portion of good old fashioned ignorance born quite naturally -and in fact, exclusively; from lack of life experience and a true recognition of just what you are signing up for when you are, say 8 years old, and making those promises.   -really, your heart is doing all the desiring, and your mind has by now learned what you need to say to your parents in order for your heart to enjoy that puppy..    -the cute part; the cuddly part; the fun and playful part..  the naming it, and showing it off to friends and talking to it, petting it when you are lonely..   playing fetch at the park..

-the child doesn't really understand, genuinely, the responsibility part; cost of food part; vet bills part; walking it even when you're tired part; finding someone else to walk it, when you are away.  Cleaning up poop.. the training..   etc. etc.      

and you need to know that we cannot count the amount of children who have desired a puppy and made these promises..   and we cannot count the number of parents who have surrendered..   with a very clear knowledge and understanding that their child will not be keeping their heart-felt promises..   and in fact, all the responsibility is really going to land on them; the parent     -this scenario has played itself out and will continue to play itself out for who knows how many generations..

K. Wait..  you need to know a third thing:

3.  i adore keith

-and now you can enjoy my recent sweet, sweet moment.   it went like this:

i was taking my morning shower, and a flash of keith went through my mind..    and then i kinda started to pray to God, like..   "can i have him for my very own!  -look how cute..    oh my God..  that smile! that voice! those eyes!...   i want him... 

and then i found myself making domestic promises..  like, -and i promise to cook, and to clean,...   and.. 

and i went on and on...   

and then..   then i saw Jesus' face..  and he had that expression

-that very specific expression that communicates essentially,   'now i know darn well you are not going to do even one of those things you just promised..   but..  

-and then i saw it!   the maybe expression!  like he was processing the fact that really, all the responsibility was going to fall on him

/which, just for the record; does anyway, but..

im pretty sure he's going to surrender...      he shook his head no, but with a hint of a smile..  the exact expression parents give their children when they know..  

that you don't know the realities of the responsibilities you are signing them up for.    -but if you beg and plead and make a bunch of promises, and say one of those long pleeeeeazzzzzzes..

its hard not to surrender.   -and we are made in his image..

we fold because he folds!      -write Jesus..   Amen!


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