Monday, December 07, 2015

Evil/cancer analogy.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

im going to hop, skip, jump into the middle of a conversation I had with a customer yesterday who was concerned about the evil going on in this world

customer: "..i believe we come from animals, and animals are territorial, and there will always be wars, that's who we are.."

(me!): "i hear you.. i am Christian.. yes.. there is evil.. I think it is like cancer and we need to catch it.. Prevent it from spreading..  from metastasizing.."

customer:  "I had cancer.  I had chemo..  it kills good cells and bad cells".   -her tone unsettled and with memory and current pain.

(Me!):  " I know. it is always so crude at first.. medicine, surgeries.. but as they make progress..  it gets less intrusive and more specific. That's a pattern.  Each year they are getting better at exclusively targeting the cancer cells..

and by the way..  you are wearing that very well..  you look beautiful, healthy.. I would never know..    beauty for ashes..."


and it is as true for medicine/surgeries as it is for wars: there are patterns..  good peoples lives have been lost along with evil peoples during battle (like healthy cells along with cancerous cells).. but as we make progress.. it becomes less intrusive and more specific..  targeting exclusively evil leaders/loyalists to said evil.

-and I should add on though, that it is also true, that the ultimate primary evil to detect, and kill, is not the people.. but their evil ideologies; we need to pull from the very root..


At 8:12 AM, Blogger SHE said...

with cancer, the battle is in the cells of the body..

in war, the battlefield is the mind.


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