Monday, December 07, 2015

"VICTORY! Christian WARRIORS!" sports analogy, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, -i am watching the warriors with my sister..  not last nights game, but "congratulations! again!"

-we are watching a taped version of a game they already played, and we know in advance "THEY WIN!"

now, these close games have been  (reeking havok?)   -these close games have been tearing my poor sisters stomach to shreads!   -she hardly can take it..   -very often she has to close her eyes or leave the room..

So..  she LOVED watching the taped game, where we know in advance the "waaaarrriiiiiiooooorrrrrsssss" win.  -each time the score was close, or even when the warriors were temporarily behind

the fact that they win in the end, made watching the game a much more enjoyable experience for her; anxiety free...

well, that would be exaggerating a bit.  i was quite entertained to see she would still get emotionally involved here and there, as if the final outcome just might change...

but what i learned about myself, is that I much prefer not knowing the outcome..   it robs me of the emotional investment..  if I already know they win..  what I'm watching ..  my motivation for watching changes entirely:   now, I'm watching just to witness the phenomenal individual and team plays/shots; the spectacular choreography...    -which, by the way, is well worth watching, and repetitively..  because, I mean.. My good God! the shots they are making are..  miraculous!

but it certainly did dawn on me..  the Christian analogy:   -because one of the beliefs we hold as Christians is that

"We already know who wins! God gets the ultimate victory!   -even over death itself!"

-and it might appear sometimes like we are behind; it might appear as if we might lose..   it might feel too close to call sometimes..

but..  "we know who wins!!".    -and hopefully that alleviates unnecessary anxiety, without causing lack of interest and emotional investment from this preknown knowledge

-because while we do know who wins, what we don't know is when, where, exactly who and by how much...

Shakespeare described all the world as a stage; I think it might be more like an arena..

In Jesus undefeated name,   -amen!


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