Friday, December 04, 2015

It can all turn around write here. knows (me!) sandra, tvgp/writeousmom

my son: "i have a good feeling its going to be a bad day."

(me!):  "you have a -good feeling? its going to be a  -bad day?"

son:  "i mean I have a bad feeling its going to be a bad day."

(me!):  "what makes you say so?"

son: ".. because when i was brushing my teeth.. the brush (shows his upper gum line) slipped and hit me here.. and it started bleeding for like, three minutes, it wouldn't stop..    

(me!): " let me see...    looks good now, just a little red.."

son:  ".. and then when i went to get my lunch off the counter, the bag ripped..."

(me!):  "that's just  the devil trying to steal your day..  laugh in his face..  carry forward..     hey..  i have an exercise for you.."

son:  (rolls eyes/takes sarcastic tone):   "is this gonna be another God thing?"

(me!):   "..this is just a conscious awareness thing...  just to help make you aware,  -that's all.. 

so, youve had a bad day before,  -write.   everyone does.  -but they don't last forever.   at some point, it turns around.   the trick, the exercise,  is to try and be consciously aware of the very moment that things turn around.

-people come in to ricks picks all the time, and share with me some pretty yucky circumstances,  -bad things..    I say, " well, it all turns around write here, write now.."


by this time, we have arrived at school and they  -my son, and my nephew, negotiate their way out of the jeep..

I say negotiate because it does not have 4 doors..  there is a three step process that must be followed in order to let the person in the back get out..     and its always a tiny bit awkward.    I say, "its all cross training..".    -and do not mind AT ALL this less convenient life.

we've all gotten a little too comfortable; and are drowning in our lives of everything must be convenient..

oh! and did it ever make me laugh..  when my nephew opened the door on my jeep and reluctantly touched the handle that rolls

-manually rolls down the window.   -as in, you have to actually move your hand in a few circles to open or close the window.

he goes, " when I get my own car one day..  I do not want it to have one of these"


we are living in an on-demand, press of a button, world.   -but the human being, the human spirit, human relationships, tragedies and victories..  to evolve as a human being and live out your potential and destiny

time. effort.  effort. time. time. effort. effort. time.

God gives gift of unknown amount of time.  You give effort..

people would be wise to realize time is more valuable than money; and when considering return on investments..

-what is God getting out of the time he invested in you?


I've spun out a little further than my original intention


exercise:   when you are having a bad day, or bad time.. 

you get to know in advance that it will not last for your whole life.  you get to know in advance that it is temporary.  with a variable of course on duration and intensity.

-but the next time you -notice, you are having a bad day.   try to also. -notice/recognize, the very moment it turned around...


if you are secular or atheist or agnostic this is exclusively about conscious awareness

if you are Christian, this becomes about the enemy trying to steal your peace and joy..   but your trust and faith in God gives you the ultimate victory every time.

do the exercise in your own name if you want to..  for (me!) its

In Jesus name,   -amen!


At 8:01 AM, Blogger SHE said...

so, later in the day when I saw my son, i could already see in his face, and hear in his relaxed conversation, that his day in fact had turned around

I said, "so did you stay aware? can you tell me the very moment your day turned around?"

and I watched him quietly think for a little bit

"I do know the moment my day turned around.."

"I'm very impressed! when was it?"

"I got my first paycheck today"

"Oh! congratulations! -that would be a great moment.. isn't it exciting.. -your very first paycheck, from your very first job.. that's awesome!"

and he had a friends birthday party to attend..

so, the day that started off with a couple hiccups... unfolded in good memories, good times, celebration.



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