Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Princess Know Name Happy Wave.. that's (me!) sandra, tvgp

i am writing this in direct contrast to, -or follow-up really, to my post titled princess red face sinking heart..

because! in that post i mention the walking man.. who i thought maybe is James..   but, was suddenly struck unsure and insecure after learning Jessica was actually julia..

and I mention how I've been waving, -we've been waving to each other for years!   but, see what happen is that I traded my black Saturn hybrid writeousmom-mobile in for my jeep blue see..

so when I waved, it was to  -James (?), the walking man..

but when he waved back..  it was to the woman who drives the black Saturn that always waves to me..

I realized this, when I waved from my jeep..  And he never even looked my way..

I drove around again and even rolled down my window and hollered out "hi James!".   -and got a big fat nothing back.

oh! it was killing me..    do I have his name wrong? am I prepared for the embarrassment of yelling the wrong name across three lanes of traffic?

but I'm telling you, I had made at least twelve different attempts, at different places, on different days..  and never even got eye contact.

and I usually have to get where I'm going, so..  

well I did have it in my mind, that the next time I saw him, I was going to pull over..  chase him down.. show him my blue jeep.. and explain,  'wave to the woman in that jeep now, k..'


but.. what happen instead, is that my sister mentions she has always wanted to take this certain long walk..    and  -Gods creative choreography again!  -our schedules lined up so that we actually had a mutual window of time, and most importantly desire and energy all at the same time..

on this long walk we went...   and during our walk.. I shared with her all about what I just wrote about..  

she didn't know who he was..   I said, 'once I point him out, you'll see him everywhere!   he walks everywhere...  all the time..'

and she said, 'that's what happen with the walking woman.. now that you pointed her out.. I do see her all the time!'

Well, sure enough..  there we are walking on Stanley headed towards bernal.. and here he comes walking down Stanley toward downtown on the same side of the street as us!

I go, 'that's him!  I'm about to find out if his name is James or not..'

and we got close enough, I bravely dared, 'is your name James?'

AND IT IS!!    May I say here, that outwardly I remained all calm and cool.. but inwardly I was jumping up and down like a game show contestant that just won a big prize..

" I thought so, I just wasn't sure..  this is my sister Karin..  I was just telling her how..   well you know how you used to wave to the black Saturn hybrid..    "

and he remembered how it even used to have Writeousmom.com on the back window.. 

"Well, i don't drive that anymore..   I have A BLUE JEEP..   blue jeep..  So if you see a blue jeep, that's me.. so be sure and wave back, OK.."

and I went on to tell him how he's ignored me for I don't know bow many times..

and he went on to explain to me and my sister.. that he doesn't make a lot of eye contact with people in cars.. because.. -he's under the impression not everyone appreciates it..  some people seem irritated..

-that's just sad isn't it..

anyway, I said, "how far do you walk each day again.. ?".   and he said, he doesn't keep track about time or distance, " that would ruin it"

-and that is EXACTLY how I feel about my blog too! So I totally understand.. I do not keep any track how often, how many words, how many readers... 

I just blog at will..  until I feel done.  And then blog again, if and when the desire arises..

when they added graphs, and stats.. I was irritated. I never look.
I do notice the archive list...  months/years..  and I enjoy seeing a decade worth.. 

has added up without my realizing..

anyway..   yesterday it became all official..   I passed james while I was on my way to lunch...  rolled down my window.. hollered out his name...   and he looked! recognized the blue jeep...  and smiled and waved back."

-and all feels write in my world again.

Thank you Jesus!   -amen.


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