Sunday, December 06, 2015

Its a little blurry, but fine. The Martha Stewart Story. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-Martha Stewarts name has come up more than 3 times in one week, in what seems like, totally random, unrelated conversations, involving different people at different times,

but for me..   in the first conversation I hear it softly:

Like, blah, blah, blah, martha stewart, blah, blah, blah..

then when i hear it again, different person/time/conversation, but same day, it sounds like:

blah, blah, blah,   -Martha Stewart-   blah, blah, blah...

but by the third time, different person/time/totally different conversation..  when i hear it again, say the next afternoon, it sounds like:

blah, blah,   ~ !!MARTHA STEWART!! ~   blah, blah.


so, silently, internally, i said..  'i know what you are doing.. and i do not want to revisit that story..   '


then i got home all tired, and threw my scarf over my desk chair,  -at least that's where i was aiming, but then it hit a little jewelry dish on my desk, which had a small plastic container of fine, gold, glitter resting in it; and knocked it over on the floor.

it was not open, and so i was without any glittery mess to clean up, but when i picked it up,

!!!***   M A R T H A   ***!!!***  S T E W A R T   ***!!!

and so, i was like,  ' -fine!  i surrender already, I'll write the frickin' story...   AGAIN!       -but its a little blurry.    -which is how i prefer it, by the way..   if i have to choose between clear, and it can't be permanently erased.

and I'm only bullet pointing!'


*  i spend inordinate amounts of time, money, creative energy experimenting, experimenting, experimenting, until I found what seem to be

1. the perfect foundation:  wood/1/4" wide, 5x7
2. the perfect size, texture, gauge of metal.
3. the perfect pull strength, size, flexibility of magnet

*  i create a kit..   /skipping many adventures here, but..  
* i go door to door, cold calling independent scrapbook stores

* i demonstrate my Mag Time Frames...  and literally...  literally! the store owners and the customers.. GO WILD!

"Oh my God!  Do you have a patent,?   /multiply that all out by hundreds..      -everyone LOVES it..

trade show/advertising/marketing..   workshops/cold calls/demos/commercials.. TV shows,   blah, blah

blah,  -MARTHA STEWART-!    

her show called!   (Me!)!     "Mag Time Frames on Martha Stewart!"

* after being severely deceived and undermined by The carol duvall show..  maybe...  You know,  maybe this was my true big break!


I return the call. 
leave a message on the recorder. 
hyperventilate. have a panic attack. can't breathe.
I think I said my name, but when I went to leave my return number:

"...   4...84...     and then...  a big, loud, long scream...   

which would have been perfect for a horror film, I promise you.  -quite an impressive scream.   I hung up.

not my best day, or best moment.   And the business itself never really got off the ground and I ended up in bankruptcy, a chapter 13 or 11? Can't remember..   I made payments for 5 years..

but write around the time of my scream call,  Martha Stewart was sentenced to her jail time.

-not her best day, or her best moment either.


we've both recovered.    and last I saw of her was the Justin beiber roast..  and I thought she stole the show...  Super funny!


so there you have it

My Martha stewart story; again.      -now I trust you will leave me alone.


At 5:13 AM, Blogger SHE said...

i think i have this a little bit wrong.. i think there is a wider time gap between my scream call.. and Martha going to jail. i think, after some time passed, and i felt strong enough to try again, -shoot for redemption.. by the time i went to try again.. she was sentenced.


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