Friday, December 04, 2015

Think i might be write...? (Me!) sandra, tvgp

-in response to a shared experience during BSF small group discussion. abbreviated, one woman mentioned how she used to really physically experience, by way of chills, the presence of the holy spirit, but she hasn't had the feeling repeat in a long time.  -it was pronounced when she first accepted Christ, which was during an extended period of intense grief brought on by multiple losses..

It came to me later in the week.. That I think this has to do with contrast.  If you are not highly spiritual and in pain, as you become spiritual and experience peace, the contrast itself allows you a certain awareness..

Crude example =  temperature change in a room.  if it is dramatic/significant,  then you notice and feel it..

but if it changes only slightly, subtlely   -you do not necessarily

~feel it; experientially/physically.

but once a spiritual walk becomes a regular part of your life..  and peace and prayer are a natural part and natural response..

now when you face hardships or experience victories, -there is not as much contrast spiritually/emotionally/psychologically..

it is more now like a subtle temperature change...   you are already operating at a higher spiritual level..    there is less contrast, and therefore less experiential difference.

it is not a sign the holy spirit is no longer working in your life.  The very opposite is true:   the holy spirit is working very well...

In Jesus name,  -amen!


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