Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Me & MY Charlie Rose... look! shouts (me!) sandra, tvgp

my fault Wisconsin lost last night, -please forgive me.   -what happen was I temporarily forgot duke is charlie roses' team..

-which is why they won.  -and I accidentally cursed Wisconsin when I went with the opposition.    Strange how this works.. But,

had I aligned with my Charlie rose  -any team could win, but most likely duke.

when I went against charlie... accidentally I promise!   -I doomed the team by being out of alignment with My charlie.

you must understand.. natural talent, hard work, practice, the will to win, great coaching, determination,...

none of those things actually factor in when it comes to championship games.  Its all about us; the fans...

we not only influence; but determine the outcome...

sometimes by our level of commitment and enthusiasm.  but usually by the motivations and Intentions underlying our purchases at the snack bar and the temperature of beverages.. and how much cheese is on the nachos of the person three seats down..

especially by what number person you are when youre standing in line at the bathroom!  -did you know if the number person you are in line for the bathroom matches the number on the jersey of the next player to shoot a free throw.. 

"No net!".  -he'll score every time.    true story.

so, my apologies to Wisconsin ..  And " congratulations to duke!"

I'm going to virtually toast my Charlie Rose "cheers!"

/what do you say about us picking up where we left off in the picture here...

where it looks like you are just about to kiss me something serious!


/... my rick never even reads my blog.. can't even make him jealous.. I'll have to get a poster...


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