Tuesday, April 07, 2015

signs & wonders -as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we can know there are natural laws here on earth; gravity for example.

and we know.. those laws change as you exceed the atmosphere; going outward -and those laws change at the quantum level; shrinking down.. so to speak

we know the human body is just a container and..  at the last heart beat the soul departs..

-so I,  -well this is where I believe -fully and completely-  that there is just a new set of laws for the spirit; in the after life..

signs and wonders here on earth are a direct result of those after life laws..

-yes.. you can still communicate with loved ones; with humans..

but not by way of talking, writing, holding hands etc.  -those laws apply when there is a physical body..

spirit body; new laws.. new forms of communication...

energy; signs; wonders;  -6th sense..   Object memory triggers...
quiet and listening..

watch and listen...   watch and listen...

~conversations and communication..  continue.. 

I know its true.


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