Monday, April 06, 2015

Random thoughts on love.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

there is the familiar; .. it is patient, kind, casts out all fear, not self~seeking, etc.    but my mind is not there this morning.

my mind is here:  eternal love; infinite love.  as in.. it existed before you were born, and will exist long after you depart.

no one has the monopoly.  no one person or big corporation OWNS it. it is free. Can be experienced by everyone on the planet.. And! does not come with a fixed amount or expiration date.  Its not like, -you have 3 barrels of love which you must use by this date or it.. spoils.  what Dr Maya Angelou says of creativity is true of love:

you can't run out; the more you use; the more you have.

it is entirely separate from religion or politics; has no elitism attached.. it is not exclusive to people with a certain education, or set amount of money. it is everywhere; available to everyone; -free.

and .. in order to create something..  anything..  ~with love:

Love has to exist first.   I wonder what day and time and place and under what exact circumstance

love was born.   ?    .. because love could not be born.. without love existing first... Without love already existing...

infinite love is hard for the human brain to comprehend.  -without beginning; and without end.   just kind of always here, so to speak.

God is love.   -and he loved the world so much...

in Jesus name,  -amen.


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