Monday, April 06, 2015

Healing has a sweet spot. As seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we have so many different tools for measuring so many different things..  the distance, the length, the time, the width, the weight..

but what tool -what stick, what measurement device for quantifying the emotional distance from a painful traumatic experience?


-to laugh now at Holocaust jokes..
-to laugh now at sept 11th 2001 jokes..

I don't remember on my own, but am pretty confident I journaled it: the first time I authentically laughed at a rape joke.  and now I can respond that way pretty regularly..

but I would not recommend any stand-up comedians take their skits to the Tri valley haven, -let's say..

this transformation humans are capable of: from raw, sensitive, angry, traumatized to

seasoned, impervious, happy, healthy..

to laugh at some point at the same thing that previously undid us..

it seems to me the best Indicator.. the best tool.. Measuring device for determining health and healing.

that's fascinating all by itself.  But even more so..  The nuances!

-can't laugh at all vs.
Courtesy laugh vs.
Laughter as mask vs.
Numb, vs. Apathetic, vs. Drug or alcohol Induced laughter..

and then..  authentic laughter.  -which stands quite alone.

and we are designed with an ability to know and Interpret which one we are experiencing at any given time..

I only want the take away to be:  that it IS possible

to authentically laugh one day

at the most horrific, traumatizing and evil experiences Satan can muster.

that it is true: love conquers all

because love.. gets the last laugh.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger SHE said...

Caveat: I watched a skit within the past four years or so where teenagers performed comedies with the Holocaust as a theme.

this does not count. I could easily see they had no idea, no understanding, no appreciation for the history, no attachment, etc. utterly removed from the impact it may or may not have.. Clueless to the level of tragedy, evil..

that is very different from survivors of.. relatives of survivors.. people who experience trauma and rise above and laugh or make fun of..

vs. people who have no idea to begin with..


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