Tuesday, September 18, 2012

* INCOMPRESENSIBLE a poem inspired by (ogden nash!)

this poem was originally posted april 01, 2011.
re-posted now because i reference this poem in my comments today @ leonard stegmann's blog spot "cartoon quotables quiz"


again.. i don't know the truth. i can only tell you what it feels like: it feels like the spirit of ogden nash paid me a visit last night... gifted me with 3/4 of poem. i worked on it for breakfast

serve it here:


oh no -not her again
she's gonna want more information

the second i see her hand in the air -here comes complications..

"what is it this time? i've made it very clear!
you have 5! we have 5! only 5 senses

can you please use 1 to hear.."

"-k, but

-if you define senses, the way that you have
i think we have even more

like, that one that let's you sense a presence
before they knock, knock, knock, on your door

i don't use my eyes, or nose, or mouth for that.. i think there must be more!

further, and please don't dismiss this all malarkey
but i'm certain there's a senses higher~archy

like, at least 2 senses are hyper~sensible
and make that "5" less compresensible

-how, for example, do i see my dreams?
the room is dark, my eyes are closed.. but what my mind has seen!

and how, on earth, do i hear my thoughts
how do them i hear?

'cuz there's a voice
that can make a choice
without the aid of ears!

-my mind can't smell, or taste, or touch
only hear & see

that's why those are like, super~hyper~senses
at least they are to me

the other senses /way more than 5
count on instincts and memory

now please don't send me down the hall
to meet nobody knows

questions are another sense ~in a sense, you sense you grow

yes, i will sit back down now
but, i'll pop back up if you say, "5"

-and can we talk, please, mr stick-to-the-book,
for a just a moment

about well,
i've been wonderin' again

whether we know we're dead, when we're dead
the way we know that we're alive?"


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This originally posted 10/18/2011


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