Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THE HANDS GOD DEALT (me!) a poem by sandra, tvgp


when i look at the hands God dealt me...

steering the car

clapping for my son on the basketball court

making coffee

affectionately twirling my daughter's hair

folded in prayer

when i look at these hands that God dealt me..

caressing my lover's skin

washing myself in the shower

opening doors and windows

moving my wireless mouse

texting i love you's to my parents

clinking wine glasses with my brother and sister and friends

when i stop and look at these hands that God has dealt me...

as they feel a blooming flower

trace hearts in the dust on the dashboard of my car

test the temperature of water from the kitchen faucet

tuck my hair behind my ears

i mean

just look at these hands that God has dealt me

the ones i'm using write now on the keyboard to type this poem

how could i possibly thank God enough for the hands that he has dealt me?

~use them for his glory every day.


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