Thursday, August 17, 2017

with love & healing prayers for charlottesville, virginia, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

parable of the yeast:  even though a little yeast is added, it permeates every part.  

so, even where a little hate is added..   a little racism...   a little supremacy or extremism..

it effects everyone.

and the same can be said of love, faith, hope..


internalized messages are yeast to any given population.    what message are you receiving?  and believing and acting on?     -a message of hate/evil?     -a message of love/goodness?

what is rising within your heart? mind?  soul?  home? place of work? neighborhood? city? state? country?      -what is on the rise?  permeating the population...


for me,  -love.


and as long as we continue - as a capitalistic democracy, to invest our most powerful, influential human resources: time, energy, intelligence,  innovative gifts/talents,

toward evolving technology, and manufacturing an over abundance of material things exclusively for profit

while we ignore whether or not humans evolve..


we will continue to manifest unevolved humans; stuck in hate cycles..   practicing evil & violence.

how is the message of hate, evil and violence spread?  roots?   -and more importantly..

by who, and when, under what set of circumstances is the message of hate, evil, violence, racism, supremacy received and acted on vs. rejected?

and by who, and when, under what set of circumstances is the message of love, goodness, peace, humanitarianism, inclusion received and acted on vs. rejected?

everyone in the world receives messages...

deciding whether to accept vs. reject messages...

this decision making process....

I pray for everyone:     reject hate, reject racism, reject supremacy, reject violence, reject evil.  do not let even small amounts of this toxic yeast inside your mind, heart...

accept/receive/act on:   love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

may these fruits of the spirit  permeate your very being  -help you rise

   rise! entire populations, entire generations..     RISE!

in Jesus name of eternal love,    -amen.


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